Road Maintenance

The City maintains approximately 130 km of streets, 42 km of lanes, 145 km of sidewalks, 52 traffic signals, and 1,700 streetlights to ensure the safe, comfortable mobility of the community. Road maintenance includes street cleaning, ice and snow control, pothole patching, traffic sign installations and replacements, line marking, vegetation control, and re-lamping of streetlights and signals as required.

In addition to routine road-related maintenance, the City repaves approximately 2 km of streets annually, based on a computerized infrastructure management program. The City also removes and replaces approximately 1,200 m of sidewalk annually, primarily in commercial areas with high pedestrian volume. The City recently implemented a program to repave high use lanes in the Central Lonsdale commercial and multi-family blocks.

Well maintained roads and walkways contribute to the efficient, effective movement of people and goods, but the City also envisions a greener road ahead. Any roadway expansion will only be supported if it furthers the City's vision of a sustainable community. By optimizing the use of its existing road network, the City aims to encourage more and more people to choose alternative transportation other than the single occupant vehicle.

Contact the City's Engineering Department if you have any questions or concerns about road maintenance in the City, at either or 604-983-7333.

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