General Successes & Achievements

PIBC Excellence in Planning Practice (City & Urban Areas) Award

The City of North Vancouver receives Gold for the Excellence in Planning Practice (City & Urban Areas) Award for Moodyville Neighbourhood-Wide Rezoning Initiative.

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HUB Bikeability Award

The City of North Vancouver receives the Silver Bikeability Award. This award is for bike-friendly businesses that are working with HUB to assess the current bike-friendliness of their facilities, and to improve those facilities to make cycling to work more attractive and convenient.

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The City Brings Climate Information Labels to Gas Stations

The City of North Vancouver is the first municipality in Canada to bring Greenhouse Gas Emissions information labels to gas station pumps.  The new labels are now installed at all six gas stations located in the City of North Vancouver.

See: News Release


Bill Curtis Award for 2015

The Low Level Road project was selected by the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers, Greater Vancouver Section (GVITE) award nomination committee as the winner of the Bill Curtis Award for 2015. GVITE issues number of awards to outstanding individuals or projects in the transportation engineering field. The award for the Low level Road project, was awarded to the project team, Port Metro Vancouver, Stantec, MMM Group and City of North Vancouver.


NAIOP Award For Most Business Friendly Municipality

The City of North Vancouver has received this honour because it encourages sustainable design through a variety of mechanisms, such as height, setback and floor area exemptions for green building technologies such as solar installations, green roofs, green building equipment, and increased insulation.

City Passes Progressive Climate Change Gas Pump Bylaw

The City of North Vancouver's Mayor and Council have unanimously passed a unique bylaw to implement Greenhouse Gas Emissions information labels on gas pumps. The bylaw, the first of its kind in Canada, will see the placement of labels on gas nozzle toppers or pump units at all gas stations located within the City of North Vancouver.

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LEED® Gold Certification for City Library

The North Vancouver City Library has been awarded LEED® Gold Certification by the Canadian Green Building Council. The City Library, designed by Diamond Schmitt Architects (Toronto) in a joint venture with CEI Architecture (Vancouver), was designed and constructed with LEED certification in mind. The Library opened its doors on September 20, 2008 and was awarded the LEED Gold certification in February 2015 after a length application process. The popular three story building was modeled upon the ideals of sustainability and environmental stewardship, which aligns with the City's mandate and goal of being a sustainable community. The Library is one of only four buildings on the North Shore to receive LEED Gold certification and demonstrates the City’s commitment to ensuring a more sustainable future for residents. For more information about the Library sustainability features visit

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United Nations Certificate of Commitment to Disaster Resilience

The City of North Vancouver has received Participant City designation under the UN initiative "My City is Getting Ready!" Emergency preparedness is something that the City takes very seriously. Earning this UN designation shows our commitment to ensuring that in 10 essential areas, the City is prepared to ensure the needs of the community will be meet. By working closely with the North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO), the City is working hard to ensure that emergency preparedness is built into all aspects of our regular work activities. Should a disaster happen, our community is increasingly disaster resilient due to our increased involvement in this project.

The City encourages its citizens to be prepared for an emergency at work and at home. NSEMO has tips and tools to make things easy.

Lonsdale Energy Corporation

The City of North Vancouver is one of the first municipalities in Canada to establish a district energy system. Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC) has been providing dependable, clean, competitively priced energy to residential buildings in Lower and Central Lonsdale since 2004. LEC now serves 24 buildings and more than two million square feet of building area in the City of North Vancouver. In addition to new developments, older buildings are also connecting to LEC, becoming more sustainable and enjoying the green benefits of locally-produced district energy.

Density Bonussing Program

The City continues to lead the way in progressive sustainability initiatives that contribute to the reduction of community-wide energy consumption. The City's Density Bonus Program ensures that all new buildings in the City meet performance-based energy efficiency standards. As the first municipality in BC to implement this strategic and proactive policy, the City continues to encourage a greener community by reducing energy consumption and GHG emissions.

International Walking Charter

In October 2011, the City reinforced its commitment to sustainability and community health by signing the International Walking Charter, a unique global initiative embraced by international cities and local governments. The Charter recognizes the individual and societal benefits of walking, as well as walking opportunities as a key indicator of healthy, efficient, socially inclusive and sustainable communities. The Charter also acknowledges the universal rights of people to have the ability to walk safely and enjoy high quality public spaces.

Child and Family Friendly Community Charter

The City of North Vancouver, along with members of the North Shore Congress, confirmed its commitment to children and families by signing the Child and Family Friendly Community Charter in October 2011. Signed by key North Shore decision-makers, including the Mayors of all three North Shore municipalities, the Charter provides guidance for specific strategies and solutions to improve the health and opportunities for children in the community.

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