Duplex Special Study

Duplex Special Study MapThe Duplex Special Study has been exploring low density housing options (such as duplex development) for the 300 blocks of East 13th to 19th Street in consultation with area residents. This effort contributes to the implementation of the City’s Housing Action Plan (2016) which established strategies to address the housing needs of City residents including the provision of smaller, more affordable ownership options and increasing the stock of accessory rental units in proximity to transit and services. 

The area was established as a Special Study Area during the 2014 Official Community  (OCP) for consideration of land use change at a later date in consultation with area residents. Through the Special Study, lands could be designated in the Official Community Plan and/or rezoned.


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The study process began with notification owners and occupants within the study area by direct mail and area signage in the area with an invitation to participate. A Preference Survey of owners and occupants and nearby residents was then conducted by mail (and available online). An Open House was held in the fall to present concepts based on input to date and an online feedback form was used to gather input. 

Staff will present the results of the study to Council on March 5, 2018 and seek direction on next steps in the process. This may include direction to prepare bylaws for consideration of land use changes discussed during the process. An updated timeline is included below. 

duplex study timeline 

All associated materials will be posted on this webpage along with ongoing updates.


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