1308 Lonsdale Avenue

The City of North Vancouver has approved a rezoning application from the Onni Group for 1308 Lonsdale Avenue, currently occupied by Safeway, parking lots and two commercial buildings fronting 14th Street. Onni has modified its original proposal for a mixed-use commercial/residential development by reducing the density from over 5.0 FSR to 4.57 FSR, modifying the massing of the building, reducing the size of the podium and proposing two versus three towers. The proposed 180-foot and 240-foot residential buildings would require an Official Community Plan (OCP) amendment. Other aspects of the application are within the OCP. A commercial office building is also now included.

In return for added density from 2.6 FSR to 4.5 FSR (as per section 5.12 of the OCP), Onni is proposing to build below market affordable housing units, provide a fully outfitted daycare facility that could operate at below market rates, build an employment generating non-strata office building, build high performance green buildings and provide a plant location for the Lonsdale Energy district heating system. There would also be a $1 million contribution to a City Amenity Fund.

With the rezoning process now complete, it is expected that a Building Permit will be submitted to evaluate the structure against the BC Building Code. Building Permit drawings are currently being prepared.

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Planning Department
Phone: 604-983-7357


Dionne Delesalle
Development Manager, Onni Group of Companies
Tel: 604-602-7714

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