Home Owner Grant

Changes to Claiming Home Owner Grants

Effective 2021, all current and retroactive Home Owner Grant applications must be submitted online directly to the provincial government.

The provincial government's Home Owner Grant program helps reduce the property taxes paid on a principal residence. See if you qualify here.

Grants For Those Who Qualify:

  • Regular grant of up to $570 for property values under grant threshold
  • Additional grant of up to $845 for seniors (65+), veterans, persons with disabilities or living with a spouse or relative with disabilities

The assessed value threshold for the Home Owner Grant for 2021 is $1,625,000. The regular grant will be eliminated for properties at $1,739,000 and $1,794,000 for those who qualify for the additional grant.

Changes to Claiming Home Owner Grants

Starting in 2021, residents in all municipalities must now submit Home Owner Grant applications directly to the provincial government. The new online system is easy to use and will allow applications to be processed faster. 

The best time to apply for your Home Owner Grant is after you receive your property tax notice (late May), and before your property tax due date.

Apply Online

Home Owner Grants must be claimed by the Tax Due Date July 2, 2021 to avoid penalty. This year, your property tax notice will include a 3 digit jurisdiction number and a 9 digit roll number. 

To apply for the Home Owner Grant, you will need:

  1. Jurisdiction number (221) for the City of North Vancouver*
  2. 9 digit roll number*
  3. Social Insurance Number

*These numbers can also be found on your BC Assessment notice, which was mailed to you in January.

Apply on Province of BC's website.



For more information about BC Home Owner Grants and how to apply visit www.gov.bc.ca/homeownergrant.

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