How to Submit Construction Permits

Update: Electronic Submission Policy

The City is transitioning to an electronic-only permit application process in 2022. Refer to the information below regarding this transition; please check back often as this schedule is subject to change without notice. We appreciate your patience.

  • Part 3 New Construction – electronic submission required
  • Part 9 New Construction – electronic submission required
  • Tenant Improvements and Renovations – electronic submission required
Electronic applications are encouraged for all applications as staff continue to work remotely in accordance with provincial COVID-19 workplace safety regulations.

Building Permit Submission Instructions 

The City of North Vancouver is now accepting construction permit applications electronically.

Step 1: How to Prepare Electronic Documents and Drawings

  • The City is accepting electronic applications. Hybrid hard copy/electronic applications will not be accepted.
  • Electronic submissions must be signed and sealed in accordance with Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC), the Association of Engineers and Geoscientist of BC (EGBC), and the Association of BC Land Surveyors (ABCLS). They must contain digital seals in order to be accepted. Wet seals or photocopied seals and signatures will not be accepted on electronic submissions.
  • All electronic documents must be in PDF format.
  • Scanned hard copy documents (scan at 300 DPI, colour, PDF).
  • Do not password protect documents.
  • Do not reduce the file size.
  • Do not photograph documents (no jpgs, TIFFs, etc. or photos taken with cellphone).

As official records of the City, it’s important that the documents are good quality and legible. Documents that are not formatted correctly, are poor quality (legibility/resolution), or are not named in accordance with the naming standard below will not be accepted. Rejected documents will delay the processing of your application.

A full listing of requirement documents can be found on the Document Checklist.

Building Permit application forms are on our Permits & Inspections page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 604-982-WORK (9675).

Step 2: How to Name Electronic Documents & Drawings

If you are submitting documents electronically, please follow these instructions.

Electronic Documents

2.1 Save each document individually and name it according to the standard below.

2.2 Naming standard for Civic Addresses with a East or West Direction Without a Suite: Address - Document Title

  • 141 West 14th Street – Document Checklist
  • 141 West 14th Street – Building Permit Application Form
  • 141 West 14th Street – Owner's Authorization Form
  • 141 West 14th Street – Registered Professional, Geotechnical – Schedule B

2.2 Naming standard for Civic Addresses Without a Direction and Without a Suite: Address - Document Title

  • 61 Bewicke Avenue – Document Checklist
  • 61 Bewicke – Building Permit Application Form
  • 61 Bewicke – Owner's Authorization Form
  • 61 Bewicke – Registered Professional, Geotechnical – Schedule B

2.3 Naming standard for Suites: Suite# - Address - Document Title

  • 110-165 East 13th Street – Document Checklist
  • 110-165 East 13th Street – Building Permit Application Form
  • 110-165 East 13th Street – Owner’s Authorization Form
  • 110-165 East 13th Street – Registered Professional, Geotechnical – Schedule B


2.4 Save and name each drawing type as an individual set (e.g. Architectural, Structural, and Mechanical etc.)

2.5 Civic Addresses without a Suite naming standard: Address - Drawing Set Name and Sheet Numbers

  • 61 Bewicke Avenue – Architectural Drawings A1-14
  • 61 Bewicke Avenue – Interior Design Drawings ID1-14

2.6 Suites naming standard: Suite#-Address - Document Title

  • 110-165 East 13th Street – Architectural Drawings A1-14
  • 110-165 East 13th Street – Interior Design Drawings ID1-14
  • 110-165 East 13th Street – Mechanical Drawings M1-12

Revised Drawings

If you are submitting revised drawings electronically, please ensure a full set of drawings is submitted with changes highlighted. We will not accept single pages. Naming standard for Revised Drawings: Application # - Address - Document Name - Revision # Revision Date

  • BLD2020-02000 - 61 Bewicke Avenue - Structural Drawings S1-4 - Revised April 8 2020
  • BLD2020-02000 - 61 Bewicke Avenue - Architectural Drawings A1-14 - Revised April 8 2020


Step 3: How to Submit Electronic Documents to the City

3.1   Email your submission to

3.2.  Applications larger than 20mb in size may be directed to use the City’s large file transfer tool (Send-It).

3.3.  Email to request a Send-It link to upload your PDF files.

3.4.  Building Division staff will let you know if your submission has been accepted.


Step 4: After Submission

4.1.  After your submission is accepted, please go to CityServe to pay online. If you prefer to pay by cheque, you can drop off a cheque in the City’s drop mail box at the 14th Street entrance. When paying by cheque, please write the property address on the memo section so we know how to direct the payment.

4.2.  Planning & Development reserves the right to request hard copy permit application submissions when appropriate. Due to COVID-19 we are trying to reduce in-person contact however, hard copies may be necessary depending on the scope of work and project size. If hard copies are required, we will let you know after you have submitted your electronic application.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 604-982-WORK (9675).


Hard Copy Submission

To submit a hard copy application, please come to the 14th Street Entrance at City Hall during regular business hours Monday-Friday, 9am-4:00pm (until further notice; closed statutory holidays). Permit application processes will remain the same other than receiving the physical document copies. Applicants must submit all necessary documentation, similar to in-person permit application submissions; incomplete submissions will not be processed. If you are dropping off a cheque for payment, please write the property address on the memo section. 

Visit the Building Permits page for application forms and checklists.


Trades Permits & Alternative Solutions

Electronic application processes for trade’s permits remain unchanged. Newly available is the electronic submission of Alternative Solution applications. Forms for these types of applications are available on our Permits & Inspections page. Submit complete application submissions to

**Please note: Trade Permit applications will be processed within 2 business days.** 

Modified Inspection Procedure

City staff will continue to provide construction monitoring. All required inspections must be requested at the appropriate times. To request an inspection please email or submit a request through the CityServe portal. Requests will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Inspections may be completed using alternative inspections methods, including: 

  • Submission of site observations from qualified persons (Registered Professional, licensed contractor, etc.) 
  • Provision of documents, photos, or video walk-through acceptable to the inspector
  • Remote videoconferencing
  • In-person physical inspection

Should in-person inspections be required, all Provincial health advisories and WorkSafeBC regulations are to be followed. In addition:

  • Access is to be provided to the site with a minimum 2 m distance maintained at all times
  • The work area being inspected or entire site is to be cleared of personnel for the duration of the inspection
  • City staff reserve the right to limit or cancel inspections at their sole discretion
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