Heritage Sites

Each neighbourhood and building within the City exhibits a degree of heritage and character unique to itself. No matter its location, age, style or use, there is a story behind each façade and a history to be preserved. It is partly through the issuance of permits and licenses that the City is able to preserve the heritage represented by these mainstays of the community.

City Heritage Program

Since 1987, the City has had an active Heritage Program that addresses heritage buildings, structures and landscapes. There are five major program components:

  • Public awareness and education
  • Listing and maintenance of heritage inventory
  • Incentives to encourage heritage conservation
  • Regulations and legislation to protect the heritage inventory
  • Monitoring resources on the heritage inventory

Heritage Awards

In an effort to expand the recognition for exemplary heritage work, starting in 2016 the City of North Vancouver the Heritage Program now has two nomination options. The two nomination options encourage residents to nominate smaller scale conservation efforts throughout the community and the second enables industry, organizations and residents to nominate their own heritage projects and programs following project completion. Heritage Awards are considered biennially by the City's Heritage Advisory Commission and presented by Mayor and Council.

For more information visit the Heritage Awards page.

Historical Places Initiative

The Historic Places Initiative is one of the most significant developments in heritage conservation in Canada's history. Led by the Government of Canada in collaboration with provincial and municipal governments, the initiative aims to strengthen the culture of conservation in Canada.

North Vancouver Museum & Archives

North Vancouver Museum & Archives explores the interactions between people and place that have shaped North Vancouver's history, created its present and will define its future. A publicly-accessible Archives containing thousands of photographs, maps and archival documents is located in the Community History Centre in Lynn Valley at 3203 Institute Road. The Museum itself is preparing to open in a new facility at 115 West Esplanade in 2020, until then look for museum programs at community events, recreation facilities, and libraries. 

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