Development Cost Charges

Translink development cost charges will be charged for Building Permits issued and Subdivisions approved on or after January 15, 2020. Please visit for rates and more information.

The City of North Vancouver Development Cost Charges have been imposed for the purpose of providing funds to assist the City with general road and infrastructure projects and in acquiring parkland.

The Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District (GVS & DD), as of January 1, 1997, has implemented a regional sewerage Development Cost Charge. This DCC is levied to assist in financing the cost of various sewerage projects within Metro Vancouver.

Schedule of Fees

City of North Vancouver and Metro Vancouver’s DCC's are based on the schedules of fees, below. Where a change of use or expansion of floor area is proposed, DCCs are calculated on a net basis where DCC calculations for a previous use/floor area are credited toward the new use/floor area. The fees payable for all DCC's are outlined below:

- Single-Family Dwelling (at subdivision) $14,749 /Lot
- Townhouse $62.17 /m2
- Apartment $62.17 /m2
Reductions for Residential
- Not-for-Profit Rental 100% (No charges)
Commercial $58.03 /m2
Industrial $38.70 /m2
- Residential Dwelling Unit (up to 3 units) $2,300 /Unit
- Townhouse $2,076 /Unit
- Apartment $1,416 /Unit
Non-Residential $1.20 / s.f.

See Metro and City definitions and conditions for respective eligibility. These are summarized in the handouts for the City of North Vancouver and Metro Vancouver.

Please note that the DCCs for commercial and industrial developments are measured in square metres for the City of North Vancouver, whereas Metro Vancouver DCCs are measured in square feet.

Payment of applicable DCC fees for a building permit application are due upon building permit issuance, for subdivision, the fee will be assessed as of the date of the Letter of Conditional Approval.


Gross Floor Area:is the total area of all floors within a building, measured from the outside edge of all exterior walls, less any areas within a building that are excluded from GFA. These excluded areas differ between the City of North Vancouver and Metro, and are outlined as follows:

  • The City of North Vancouver excludes the following from GFA; common laundry areas, crawl space with a height of less than 4 feet, mechanical, electrical or elevators rooms located in the basement or in a penthouse, common storage areas and lobby areas up to 0.1 times the lot area, and common garbage storage or recycling rooms located in the basement. Metro Vancouver only excludes the areas in a building that are used for the parking of motor vehicles, and the storage of bicycles.

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