Development Applications

On January 31, 2022, Council approved updated development application fees. These new fees took effect as of March 1, 2022. For updated fees, please view the amended Development Procedures Bylaw, Schedule A

If you're a developer wanting to build or develop a property in a way that does not fit within the City's existing regulations, you must apply for Council permission by submitting the appropriate development application, such as a rezoning or development permit. A development application is a formal request for a change to one or more of the City's existing regulations and may require input from various City staff, advisory bodies, and the public.


Step 1: Pre-Consultation Application

Pre-Consultation is the first step in the development application review process. It enables early discussion and formalized feedback from City staff on preliminary development proposals to assist in the preparation of your development application. To prepare a Pre-Consultation Application, please review the relevant guidelines and bylaws. Applicants should engage an architect, designer, or planning professional to prepare a Pre-Consultation Application.

Step 2: Planning / Development Permit Application

The Development Application, such as a rezoning or development permit, is the second step in the development application review process. Applicants are to complete the appropriate planning and development application forms and submit all required materials and studies as identified in the Pre-Consultation process.

Submitting an Application

Submitting New Development Applications

All development applications and pre-consultation applications are accepted by electronic submission to For applications larger than 20 megabytes in size, please request a link to use the City’s file transfer tool (SendIt). Planning application forms and checklists can be accessed below.

Digital drawings must meet the City’s digital submission requirements:

  • PDF format, original size, correctly scaled, and with no document restrictions or passwords
  • Signed and sealed digitally in accordance with Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC), the Association of Engineers and Geoscientist of BC (EGBC), and the Association of BC Land Surveyors (ABCLS)
  • Submitted as individual PDFs and named in accordance with the following naming standard:
    Address – Document Title
    123 Cherry Lane – Development Application Form
    123 Cherry Lane – Architectural Drawings A1-A10

Submitting Revisions

Revisions to development applications must be sent to and copy the planner assigned to the project. Please submit a full set of drawings including the revised pages.

In addition to the above criteria for all development applications, revisions must meet the following requirements:

  • Changes clearly bubbled and annotated
  • Accompanied by a ‘Response to Revisions’ letter, itemizing responses to requested changes
  • Named in accordance with the following naming standard:
    Address – Document Title – Revised
    123 Cherry Lane – Development Application Form – Revised January 1 2022
    123 Cherry Lane – Architectural Drawings A1-A10 – Revised January 1 2022

Payment Methods

Development application fees can be paid online through the CityServe portal. A CityServe account is required and relevant fees will be linked to the applicant’s email address.

Alternatively, a cheque can be delivered or sent to City Hall c/o the “Planning Assistants, Planning Division” and made payable to the “Corporation of the City of North Vancouver”. The address of the development and/or application number should be included on the cheque memo. Please note that payment must be received and processed before staff review can begin.

Contact Us

For general Planning questions, please contact us at or call 604-982-WORK (9675).

If you have an active development application, please contact the planner working on your project directly.  

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