The City sees recreation as an essential component to the overall health and wellness of the community. By providing a wide range of accessible recreational opportunities, the City enhances liveability and the quality of life for its citizens.

To encourage active, healthy lifestyles and to support the recreational pursuits of all residents, the City and District of North Vancouver established a joint recreation commission in 1970. North Vancouver Recreation & Culture (NVRC) Commission is responsible for delivering a diverse range of indoor and outdoor activities suitable for people of all ages, interests and abilities.

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Indoor Recreation Facilities

Through NVRC's various recreational facilities, City residents have access to many public amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centres, racquet courts, ice rinks and multi-purpose program rooms.

NVRC also collaborates with community organizations, businesses and non-profit societies to enhance the quality and range of programs it offers to residents.

These facilities in the City of North Vancouver offer indoor leisure, recreation and arts activities:

As well, City residents are welcome at all community recreation centres in the District of North Vancouver.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

The City's many parks, trails, greenways and natural areas help our residents enjoy an active lifestyle all year round. Available amenities include all-weather sports fields, picnic facilities, concession services, wilderness parks, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and water play facilities. We have biking and hiking trails, and parks designated for off-leash dogs.

City attractions such as The Pier and City Skate Park also offer unique outdoor recreational opportunities.

Visit these pages on the City website for more information about outdoor leisure activities:

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