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The City of North Vancouver has been building two new Lawn Bowling greens (artiļ¬cial turf carpet) adjacent to the Mickey McDougall Community Recreation Centre. These greens are replacing the existing North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club.

As part of the Lawn Bowling project, site enhancements such as sidewalk and pedestrian lighting upgrades, new street trees, on-site parking and a new public green space has been completed.

Lawn Bowling North Vancouver


Upcoming Site Activities

The final lawn bowling surface, also know as the greens, is currently being installed. The final layer or “greens carpet” is laid down in wide strips that are then sewn together by an industrial sewing machine and specially trained crew.  The greens carpet and sewing machine were shipped from Great Britain and travelled through the Panama Canal!

The greens are installed to specifications that comply with World Bowl’s performance standards, allowing the club to host international competitions in the future. Field lighting and site furnishings will be installed soon. The greens are anticipated to be complete in July 2021. For upcoming NVLBC activities, or on information on joining, please visit North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club website.

New Lawn Bowling greens

Construction on the clubhouse is anticipated for 2021 / 2022. 


The North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club (NVLBC) is a non-profit society that has operated since 1923. Up until 2020, NVLBC operated out of the Lawn Bowling Club at 2160 Lonsdale Avenue. 

As part of the redevelopment process for the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre Redevelopment, public information sessions were held in 2017 and 2018. As part of this process, input was sought on the concept design for the new Lawn Bowling site at Mickey McDougall. 

Feedback received on the concept design for the Mickey McDougall site was incorporated into the final Lawn Bowling design. This included aspects such a site grading, preferred location for the lawn bowling greens and clubhouse, as well as inclusion of a new public green space at the corner of St. Andrews and 23rd Street. Following the conceptual design, a more detailed design of the facility was undertaken in 2018 and 2019.

In 2020, construction began on the Greens & Site Works, with completion anticipated for July 2021. Construction on the clubhouse is anticipated for 2021/ 2022.

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