Be Park Smart

We love our parks and we know you do too. Help us keep them looking their best.

Recycling and Garbage in Parks

We love our parks to be natural, green, and beautiful, and not overflowing with garbage. Please ensure you’re putting your waste in an appropriate container and whenever possible, pack out what you pack in. This also helps keep wildlife safe - learn more on our Wildlife Management page.

To help keep our parks neat, we've installed three stream recycling and waste containers in prominent locations throughout City parks. These units have separate openings for paper, containers, and garbage so you can deposit both recyclable materials and waste. The convenience of these containers will allow for increased recycling throughout the City, and reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill. parks recycling waste bins

Look for these recycling/waste containers at:

  • Grand Boulevard at East 13th, 17th and 19th
  • Ray Perrault Park
  • Victoria Park West
  • Waterfront Park
  • Kings Mill Walk Park
  • Mahon Park near Fen Burdett stadium

Disposing of Your Garden Waste

It may seem easy to "recycle" garden plants, clippings, weeds, or soil in your neighbourhood park, but this actually introduces invasive plants that can have a negative impact. Common garden plants such as English Ivy, Lamium, and Periwinkle spread quickly and can overtake the native vegetation in our parks.

Learn more about Invasive Plants and Green Cans for garden waste.

Dogs in City Parks

Dogs are welcome in many of the City's parks. By following a few simple reminders, you and your furry companion can help keep our parks safe and enjoyable for all park users.

Know which parks allow dogs.
The City's two off-leash parks include Lynnmouth and Mosquito Creek West. Parks with fenced off-leash dog parks include: Kings Mill Walk, Mahon and Waterfront Park (pilot project to December 2021). Many other City parks also allow dogs on-leash. Visit our Dogs in City Parks section for a complete list and a handy map.

Clean it up.
Doggy business is a part of being a dog owner, as is cleaning up after your dog. Help keep our parks healthy and clean by picking up and properly disposing of waste. There's no such thing as a Poo Fairy, so check our Dog Waste Bin map.

Get a licence.
Licensing your dog is more than a City bylaw, it can help keep your dog safe. Lost dogs that are licensed are reunited with their owner much more quickly. Find details in our Dog Licenses and Renewals page.

Grass Playfields Maintenance

At the end of the each soccer season the City's grass playfields undergo an intensive maintenance program. The fields are aerated, top-dressed, and seeded - and they require frequent mowing, fertilization and watering to get them in top shape. Although most of the City's watering takes place at night, newly reseeded playing fields require water during the day as well. Staying off the grass while they are re-establishing during the summer helps the City provide better fields that benefit all players during the upcoming season.

Please note, the following grass playfields will be closed until September:

  • Boulevard Field
  • Loutet 1, 2 & 3 Fields
  • Norsemen Field

Kinsmen Field will remain open all summer, and Sutherland and Confederation Artificial Turf Fields are open for soccer year round. For more information on booking a playing field, please visit

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