Be Park Smart

Grass Playfields Maintenance Program

At the end of the soccer season the City's grass playfields undergo an intensive maintenance program. The fields are aerated, topdressed, seeded and require frequent mowing, fertilization and watering to get them in top shape. Although most of the City's watering takes place at night, newly reseeded playing fields require water during the day as well. Staying off the grass while they are re-establishing during the summer helps the City provide better fields that benefit all players during the upcoming season.

Please note, the following grass playfields will be closed until September:

  • Boulevard Field
  • Loutet 1, 2, and 3 Fields
  • Norsemen Field

Kinsmen Field will remain open all summer, and Sutherland and Confederation Artificial Turf Fields are open for soccer year round. For more information on booking a playing field, please visit

Disposing of Your Garden Waste

It may seem easy to "recycle" garden debris in your neighbourhood park, but it actually introduces plants that can have a tremendous impact. Common garden plants such as English Ivy, Lamium, and Periwinkle spread quickly and can overtake the natural vegetation in our parks that we all enjoy.

Here are a few easy ways to properly dispose of your garden waste:

  • Compost clippings in your own garden
  • Municipal Green Can/Yard trimmings collection
    Pickup is on your regular garbage day. Visit City Hall for a Green Can decal.
  • North Shore Transfer Station
    Located at 30 Riverside Drive. More info and map.

Caring for the City's Street Trees

The City has recently planted a number of new street trees and would like your help to ensure they stay happy and healthy.

The warm summer months can leave young trees in distress, usually indicated by brown or falling leaves. You can help the street trees near your home to establish their root systems by watering the trees with a slow running hose for 10 minutes twice a week. This will help ensure the trees continue to grow and flourish.

During the summer months, regional water restrictions do not apply to trees and shrubs; however please remember to be water-wise. Watering in the evenings and early mornings is always best.

Dogs in City Parks

Dogs are welcome in many of the City's parks. By following a few simple reminders, you and your furry companion can help keep our parks safe and enjoyable for all park users.

Know which parks allow dogs.
The City's two off-leash parks include Lynnmouth and Mosquito Creek West. Many other City parks also allow dogs on-leash.

Visit our Dogs in City Parks section for a complete list and a handy map.

Clean it up.
Doggy business is a part of being a dog owner, as is cleaning up after your dog. Help keep our parks healthy and clean by picking up and properly disposing of waste. There's no such thing as a Poo Fairy.

Get a licence.
Licensing your dog is more than a City bylaw, it can help keep your dog safe. Lost dogs that are licensed are reunited with their owner much more quickly. Find details in our Dogs in City Parks section.

Fall Activities in the City

In the Fall, our Parks are as beautiful as ever.

The Skatepark is a year round popular spot - whether you skate or just enjoy cheering people on. Also, you can find bocce at Boulevard Park or lawn bowling at Rodger Burns, and don't forget about our basketball courts, tennis courts and all weather-fields!

Looking for something indoors for the family to enjoy? The Presentation House, John Braithwaite Community Centre, Centennial Theatre, and our Public Library always have interesting options.

Winter Wonderland in the City

A North Vancouver winter means stunning Douglas Firs covered in snow. Get out and enjoy it!

Just a few reminders as you and your family go out to enjoy our winter wonderland:

  • Ponds here don't freeze solid. Be careful when close to any bodies of water—it can be slippery and dangerous.
  • Wear layers when out walking; your body will heat up as you hit the trails.
  • Walk from Waterfront Park through the Lonsdale Quay to the Pier. The lights and views are amazing!
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