1600 Eastern Park

Thanks for your feedback! It helped us finalize concepts for this brand new neighbourhood park at 1600 Eastern Avenue. Learn more about the project on letstalk.cnv.org.

One of the goals of the City’s Park Master Plan is that all City Residents are within a 5 minute walk from any park or public open space. 

To help achieve this goal, we are creating a new neighbourhood plan at 1600 Eastern Avenue. This plan reflects the needs of the East Central Lonsdale neighbourhood and provides new creative programming opportunities for our community.

With the help of community and stakeholder feedback, we’ve developed a final concept plan.

Plan Includes:

  • A circular covered canopy with hammocks and porch swings hanging from underneath
  • Small playful features such as an in ground trampoline, water feature, and climbing boulders
  • Dense planting of trees that form a green canopy overhead
  • Pollinator meadows at the park entrance
  • Fenced dog area with water fountain and play boulders

Final Design Concepts

Here are a few concept images highlighting park design and features.


1600 Eastern Park Final Design Concept


About the Park

In 2018, the City acquired a 0.2 hectare of land that became available due to a rezoning. Essentially a 'blank slate', this space allows us to start from scratch and create a new park that is shaped by the voices of our community. 


Contact Info

If you have any questions about this project or the final plans, please contact us.

Chandra Lesmeister
Park Planner
Phone: 604-983-7333
Email: eng@cnv.org

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