Property Assessment Information

Your property assessment is based on the valuation of your property as of July 1st of the previous year. All owners are mailed their Property Assessment Notice by December 31st of each year.

Assessments are made by BC Assessment, an independent provincial crown corporation that determines the values of all properties in British Columbia. When establishing the market value of a property, BCA considers factors including real estate market, location, size, age and condition of buildings.

To find out the Land and Improvement Assessments, Legal Description, and Tax information of a property in the City of North Vancouver, please visit the City's online Property Assessment Information.

BC Assessment 604-739-8588
Toll Free: 1-800-661-1780
Current Assessed Value
City Property Tax Office 604-983-7316 Problems or Questions
Statement of Taxes and Utilities
City Engineering 604-985-7761 L341 Pending Local Improvements
Land Titles Office 604-630-9630 Easements
Charges Against Title
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