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Kings Mill Walk Park Master Plan Task Force

The Kings Mill Walk Park Master Plan Task Force completed their work at the end of 2021 and will not be holding further meetings.

Purpose: To provide community perspective and support into the creation of new park programming and infrastructure, and assist in the development of a master plan for Kings Mill Walk Park.

Meeting Schedule: Meetings will be held virtually every three weeks.

Term of Office: The community representatives will serve on the Task Force from their appointment by Council through to approximately 12 months from their first meeting.

Committee Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee Kings Mill Walk Park Master Plan Task Force

Dolores Altin
Ella Anderson
Ella Burrows
Janet Wallace - NVRC
Keegan Casidy
Laurie van der Pas
Michael Okun
Nobutoshi Yoshimitsu
Rory Wimberley
Rory Sykes

Councillor None
Day Monthly
Notes Term ends December 31, 2021
Committee Clerk Hayley Reiss
Staff Rep. Adam Vasilevich, Planner II, Parks and Environment
Phone 604-983-7386

  • Develop a new Master Plan for Kings Mill Walk Park, including the following key components: Site assessment; programming; conceptual design options; refined conceptual design including connections, play spaces, active recreation spaces, Spirit Trail, habitat management strategy, storm water management, potential public art, and materials; and phasing.
  • Provide a forum for sharing information between various community stakeholders and encourage positive community engagement in the planning and design of a new Kings Mill Walk Park.
  • Report to City Council when considered necessary or appropriate in response to issues that may arise during the park planning process.
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