Housing Vulnerable Populations

The City, in partnership with senior levels of government, the non-profit sector, and more recently, the development sector, are increasingly working together to provide housing for vulnerable populations with unique housing needs. The City has a variety of housing policies and initiatives to make housing more accessible, appropriate and affordable for vulnerable populations, including the homeless, seniors and people with different needs and abilities.

The non-market housing projects currently found in the City are listed in the summary document below, as are overviews of several of the most recent projects. These projects were facilitated by City land, funding, density bonusing or other forms of municipal support. Most of these projects are managed by a not-for-profit housing operator and receive some funding help from senior levels of government.

Learn more about housing vulnerable populations:

Want To Live in Non-Market Housing?

The BC Housing website provides listings of subsidized housing options in the province, including for the City. To learn more about these options, as well as how to apply, visit www.bchousing.org.

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