Sister City - Huizhou City, China

In February 2008, the City received a letter from the Minister of Community Services regarding the Province’s support of twinning opportunities with cities in the Asia-Pacific region. In response to that letter, Council unanimously endorsed the following motion:  

"THAT the City of North Vancouver sign the Memorandum of Agreement of Local Government Twinning Relationships with the Province of British Columbia represented by the Minster of Community Services and Minister responsible for Senior’s and Women’s Issues;


AND THAT staff be requested to report back with more information on the process."


In April 2008, a Memorandum of Agreement (‘MoA”) was signed by both the City and the Province. The MoA outlines the Province’s objectives in supporting the initiative including financial assistance of a $50,000 grant to be used in the development of a new twinning relationship. In June 2008, the recommendation to extend an invitation to the City of Huizhou, China to join the City of North Vancouver in a twinning relationship was endorsed unanimously by City Council and in April 2009, the Huizhou Municipal Government unanimously accepted the invitation and the twinning relationship was formed.

The City of Huizhou, China was chosen because of its geographical similarity to the City of North Vancouver, its port industry, and its similar goals of sustainability, environmental, economical, and social. Like the City of North Vancouver, Huizhou is a leader in its country in environmental stewardship, forward thinking and future oriented, and is recognized for their achievements in this area.

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