North Shore Transportation Survey

The City of North Vancouver, in collaboration with the District of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver, commissions a regular transportation survey to better understand the travel behaviour and preferences of North Shore residents.

The survey helps us track our progress in addressing some of the key objectives from the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP) and provide critical insight to support on-going transportation planning across the North Shore.


How does it work? 

Every two years in the Fall, we invite a panel of North Shore residents ages 15 and over to participate in the transportation survey using a random recruitment method that includes sending invitations in the mail, and calling phone numbers. 

Residents who choose to participate are registered into the survey by answering a few questions about their current travel behaviour and mobility preferences. The participant also tells us about their previous day of travel, including where they went and how they got there. On average, the survey takes approximately twenty minutes to complete. Between the two survey years, we also connect with our panelists and ask them about other specific topics related to new mobility trends and infrastructure projects on the North Shore.


Key findings from the 2020 Survey

Read the full report here.

2019 North Shore Transportation Survey Findings

If you are contacted to take part in the survey, and have questions please contact:

Chris French
Transportation Planning Assistant
Phone: 604-983-7318

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