Portable Fire Extinguishers

Used properly, a portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or containing it until the Fire Department arrives. Portable extinguishers for home use, however, are not designed to fight large or spreading fires.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The City of North Vancouver Fire Department offers fire extinguisher training programs free of charge to non-profit groups. Learn about the types of extinguishers, how to use them, and the basics of tackling a small blaze safely.

Training can also be scheduled for groups with six or more individuals at a cost of $20 per person (with your own extinguishers), or $30 per person if the extinguishers are supplied by the Fire Department.

For more information or to book a training session, contact 604-980-5021 or email: fire@cnv.org.

Installation, Maintenance and Recycling

Fire extinguishers should be installed in plain view, above the reach of children, near an escape route, and away from stoves and heating appliances.
  • Extinguishers require routine care.
    • Read your operator's manual to learn how to inspect your extinguisher and follow the manufacturer's instructions on maintenance.
  • Rechargeable models must be serviced after every use. 
  • Disposable fire extinguishers can be used only once and must be replaced after use.
  • Recycle your old or spent extinguisher. City residents may drop off up to two fire extinguishers per year to the City Fire Hall, 165 13th St E, North Vancouver, BC V7L 2L3. If you are not a City resident you can recycle them at your local fire extinguisher supply / service provider.
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