Cemetery Fees & Regulations

North Vancouver Cemetery takes pride in preserving its character and charm. For this reason, we request that all persons conform to the rules and regulations which have been established in our Bylaw. Please review North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw, 2011, No. 8109 for details of these rules and regulations. You may also obtain a copy of this bylaw at City Hall.

Cemetery Fee Schedule

The North Vancouver Cemetery may grant any person who pays the applicable fees a right of interment for a vacant, unreserved lot. All right of interments are subject to the provisions of the North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw, 2011, No. 8109. Residents of North Vancouver receive a subsidized rate for the right of interment. Please refer to Schedule A - North Vancouver Cemetery Fees for resident and non-resident fees.

Resident is defined as follows:

RESIDENT refers to the residency of the deceased person or person for whom the lot is being purchased. Proof of residence shall be produced to the satisfaction of the City at the time of purchase. Resident means a person who was:

  • A registered owner of a property in the City or District of North Vancouver for a minimum of twelve (12) months immediately preceding the date of death; or
  • A tenant or occupier of real property within the City or District of North Vancouver for a minimum of twelve (12) months immediately preceding the date of death.

Memorial Regulations

North Vancouver Cemetery has restrictions on the type, size and materials used for memorial markers. Please review Schedule B - North Vancouver Cemetery Memorials for complete details. All memorial markers require a permit which can be purchased from the Cemetery Services Coordinator at  604-983-7351or cemetery@cnv.org.

Lot Adornment Regulations

The Lot Adornment Regulations detail the floral tributes that may adorn a lot. They also specify the restricted items that could pose a safety risk to staff and visitors.  Restricted items include candles, lanterns, glass, ceramic and metal. The burning of incense, candles or other flammable products is strictly prohibited within the Cemetery grounds. Please review Part 10 – Lot Adornment Regulations of North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw, 2011, No. 8109 for further details.

Contact Info

Cemetery Services Coordinator
Tel: 604-983-7351
Email: cemetery@cnv.org

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