Cemetery FAQs

What are the Cemetery hours of operation?
The Cemetery is open to the public daily. A caretaker may be onsite, 8 am-4 pm daily, excluding statutory holidays.  Visitors are welcome during the following hours.

  • September 7 to April 7 - 8am-4pm
  • April 8 to September 6 - 8am-8pm

Please note that the gates are locked at closing times. Visitors are responsible for removing their vehicles from the Cemetery prior to closing.

How do I search for my loved one in the Cemetery?
You can use our online North Vancouver Cemetery search service to locate a loved one. If you have difficulty with your search, please contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator at 604-983-7351.

I can't locate my loved one in the Cemetery database. How do I find out where they're buried?
The BC Archives Genealogy Records Search on the Royal BC Museum website may be helpful in locating information about the deceased.

You can obtain a copy of your loved one's registration records from the British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency. This record will give you the information you need to locate your loved one. Please note that death certificates are not the same as registration records. Registration records may contain more information than appears on a certificate.

Can I get a map of the Cemetery?
View a detailed map of the North Vancouver Cemetery. If you're trying to locate a loved one, use our online North Vancouver Cemetery search service.

What burial options does the North Vancouver Cemetery offer?
The North Vancouver Cemetery offers columbarium niches, in-ground cremation space, and in-ground burial space as final resting places.

What is an interment?
An interment is the burial of human remains or cremated remains in a grave, or the placing of cremated remains in a columbarium niche.

How do I schedule an interment?
Please call 604-983-7351 or email cemetery@cnv.org and the Cemetery Services Coordinator will assist you in making the interment arrangements.

What will a cemetery lot cost?
Please refer to Schedule A - North Vancouver Cemetery Fees for resident and non-resident fees. Payment for interments must be made in full at the time of scheduling. We accept payment by cheque, bank draft, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

How is residency determined?
RESIDENT refers to the residency of the deceased person or person for whom the lot is being purchased. Proof of residence shall be produced to the satisfaction of the City at the time of purchase. Resident means a person who was:

  1. A registered owner of a property in the City or District of North Vancouver for a minimum of twelve (12) months immediately preceding the date of death; or
  2. A tenant or occupier of real property within the City or District of North Vancouver for a minimum of twelve (12) months immediately preceding the date of death.

I have a full burial lot but my spouse wants to be cremated. Can we share a lot?
Yes, an adult single depth lot may hold one casket burial and four interments of cremated remains.

May I make the necessary arrangements in advance?
The right of interment for an in-ground lot can only be purchased when a loved one has passed away and the interment arrangements are made. However, you may purchase the right of interment for a columbarium niche at any time.

What happens if I bought a lot but want to sell it back to the City?
The right-holder for a lot must give written notice to the City for intent to cancel the right of interment for an unoccupied lot. For specific details about the refund amount, please see the current Cemetery Fee Schedule or contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator at 604-983-7351.

What should I know before I buy?
The most important thing you should do is review the Bylaws and Schedules before you buy, to ensure you're aware of the expectations and requirements of this cemetery, as not all cemeteries operate in the same way.




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