City Seeks Input on Curb Access and Parking

November 20, 2023   

The City is exploring ways to improve the choice and convenience of accessing curb space, while addressing the growing demands for access to our curbs. The community is invited to provide input on their experiences in an engagement process from now until Dec. 11.

Curb regulations have not kept pace with demand in recent years. This means that people are struggling to access curb space in many parts of the City, whether this is parking near shops in commercial areas, parking near home, or finding space to load or unload goods safely.

Demand for curb space outweighs supply, and unregulated parking can be an inefficient use of space, which in turn limits the City’s ability to make positive contributions towards its transportation, economic, environmental, and livability goals.

A Plan to Balance Needs at the Curb

The City is exploring the development of a Curb Access & Parking Plan to update and improve regulations governing access to curb space, while addressing the changing demands of the curb that we’ve seen in recent years. This plan will help residents, visitors, and businesses meet a wider range of needs on our curbs, today and into the future. 

Initiatives considered and reviewed as part of the Curb Access & Parking Plan include:

  • Pay parking in high-demand areas
  • Resident & Visitor Parking Policy
  • Loading Zones
  • Accessible parking
  • Car-share parking and other special uses
  • Electric vehicle charging opportunities


How to Get Involved

City staff will be gathering input from the community and interested parties throughout the engagement period until Dec. 11. Community members are invited to get involved in the following ways:

  • Online survey – visit
  • Open houses – meet with staff at the North Vancouver City Library on Monday, Dec. 4 from 4-7pm; or Thursday, Dec. 7 from 3-6pm.
  • Pop-up events – look for staff Friday, Dec. 1 from 2-5pm at The Shipyards Skate Plaza; or Saturday, Dec. 2 from 4-8pm at the Spirit of the Season Festival at The Shipyards.
  • Email updates - Submit your email address in the Stay Informed box at
  • Project details – learn more at

Next Steps

The first step of the plan development is to gather input from the community to understand what is working well on our curbs, and what needs to be reassessed. After the first phase of engagement, staff will develop policy directions and work with the community in the spring of 2024 to refine the Plan. The final plan will be presented to Council next summer.

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