2018-2022 Council Strategic Plan

A City for People, A Healthy City for All

Mayor Linda Buchanan and Members of Council are pleased to introduce their strategic priorities for the City, with the delivery of their new Council Strategic Plan.

This plan outlines Council’s Vision and Priorities over the next four years.

Council’s Vision is to be “The Healthiest Small City in the World” and they’ve identified five key priorities to support this vision and guide their work:

  • a City for People
  • a Liveable City
  • a Vibrant City
  • a Connected City
  • a Prosperous City

Each of these priorities includes a description of ‘Where we're going’, ‘How we will get there’ and ‘What guides us’.

The Strategic Plan is intended to support Council’s decision making for future initiatives, projects and plans, and will provide guidance to City staff, our partners, and our community.

Vision & Priorities

The 2018-2022 Council Strategic Plan

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