Don't Be a Butthead

The City is taking action to reduce cigarette butt litter on our streets. 

Cigarette butts contaminate our waterways, poison wildlife and pose a serious fire risk. They make their way into storm drains leading to nearby streams and the ocean, where they cause pollution and may be ingested by fish who mistake them for food.

The City is implementing an outreach program to reduce the amount of cigarette butt litter found throughout the community and is offering free personal pocket ashtrays that can be used to extinguish and store cigarette butts until they can be emptied into a waste bin. The ashtrays can be easily carried in pockets or bags and effectively keep butts and ashes secured inside. You can find the ashtrays at City Hall and various local grocery and convenience stores.

The City will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of the program through monitoring the amount of cigarette butt litter found on City streets.

Contact Info

Lianne Shyry
Environmental Technician
Tel: 604-982-3995

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