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CityView Newsletter is Out
This week’s issue has information on what's open and what's not. I Love My City
Lots of ways to show your love for our amazing community. Your City’s COVID-19 Strategy
How we operate during the pandemic to ensure essential service delivery.

Council Meeting Live Streaming

Council meetings will be conducted virtually until further notice

Thanks for joining us. Access Council meeting agendas here.

Send your feedback to us by email at The City Clerk will read all written submissions into the public record.

Please note for the time being we have temporarily suspended public hearings.

A live streaming service is available during Regular Council meetings, which usually begin at 5:30 pm on Mondays. Council Meeting Schedule here. Other Council meeting videos can be found here.

Help Tip: The live stream is available in a high definition (HD) format that offers an enhanced picture and sound. If you experience interruptions or pauses while watching the live stream, please select the medium or low bandwidth button below the video.

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