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Moodyville Park Plan

There are big changes happening in the Moodyville neighbourhood! City Council has now approved a Master Park Plan that will guide the future enhancement of Moodyville Park.

What is a Master Park Plan?

The Moodyville Park Master Plan provides a framework for guiding the future expansion, enhancement and management decisions for the park. Rather than creating specific and detailed designs, the plan focuses on the context of the park within the City and the immediate community, including ideas for park expansion, activity programming, park facilities, and enhancement of natural areas. As well, the plan examines how the park will contribute to the City’s overall greenway system connectivity.

Download Moodyville Park Plan

To create this master plan the City solicted feedback from the public in various ways:

  • Moodyville Park Master Plan Task Force:

    Council appointed a seven-member community task force that met throughout the year. Their mandate was to assist City Staff with creating a new vision for Moodyville Park that supports the parks and outdoor recreational needs of the Lower Lonsdale and Moodyville community. See more about the Task Force here.
  • Community Stakeholder Workshops:

    City Staff organized Stakeholder Workshops that involved various members from the community. The stakeholder group’s role is to listen to and understand feedback received from the Task Force and at the Open Houses. Some stakeholders may have had specific perspectives that provided information for the plan, while others may have had a more general viewpoint to contribute to the park plan. They participated in a hands-on, collaborative workshop to further explore aspirations and program options.

  • Public Open Houses

    Open House #2: March 8, 2017

    Open House #1: November 9, 2016


Project Schedule

With the approval of the Master Park Plan by City Council, City Staff is moving forward with the detailed design of the park. It is anticipated that the first phase of the construction of the park will begin in Spring of 2018. Subsequent phases will be constructed in 2019, pending budget approval by City Council.

Contact Info

Jessica Oakes
Landscape Design Technician
Phone: 604-982-3969

Mike Hunter
Manager, Parks and Environment
Phone: 604-983-7335

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