St. Georges to 3rd Street Overpass

As part of the Low Level Road project, portions of the Spirit Trail were completed from St. Georges to Heywood Street in 2014.

The Esplanade section of the Spirit Trail follows along the south side of Esplanade from St. Georges to St. Andrew's, where the trail crosses Esplanade at a signalized intersection. The trail then continues east along a boulevard area between Esplanade and the new Low Level Road.

At St. Patrick's, the trail continues along Park Street to St. David's. At St. David's the trail heads north to 2nd Street, then east to Moodyville Park.

Ravine Connection to the Spirit Trail

As part of the Low Level Road Project, the Ravine Connection pedestrian only trail, was established from St. David's through the Moodyville ravine area. This pedestrian trail consists of stairs, a bridge, and a suspension bridge and is not accessible. The Ravine Connection rejoins the Spirit Trail in Moodyville Park.

Spirit Trail Ravine Connection

At the far east end of Moodyville Park, the Spirit Trail crosses over the 3rd Street hill via an overpass connecting to Heywood Street.

Spirit Trail 3rd Street Overpass

These sections were completed in 2014.

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