Green Necklace

The Green Necklace is an urban greenway that forms a 7.5km scenic loop around our City centre, linking historic parks and buildings, public spaces and commercial areas.

An off-street multi-use path, the Green Necklace provides a safe transportation and recreational route for all ages and abilities. We designed the Green Necklace to enhance walkability in the City with important connections to other trail systems such as the North Shore Spirit Trail.

Green Necklace Greenway Map

Full size map (PDF)


By providing alternative transportation options with routes between the Lonsdale central business district, major parks and open spaces, the Green Necklace contributes to reducing automobile trips and traffic congestion thereby improving air quality and reducing community greenhouse gas emissions.

The Green Necklace also provides a network of habitat linkages for urban wildlife between existing green spaces with street trees and naturalized landscapes. Along the Green Necklace route, bio swales and rain gardens expose natural processes that are typically covered over in the urban environment.

The Green Necklace enhances the social sustainability of the City by encouraging community interaction, fitness, safety, as well as easy access to parks, open spaces and streets. The Green Necklace enhances the walk-ability and in turn, the livability of the City of North Vancouver.

Learn the history of the Green Necklace.

Photos of the Green Necklace sections.


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