Lonsdale Quay

Pechet & Robb
10 Lonsdale Avenue

This outdoor sculpture and monument to the shipyard workers marks the original entrance to the Burrard Shipyards and the location where workers punched their time cards.

Bruce Walther & Youth
Lonsdale Quay Plaza

Multiple views of the surrounding Vancouver skyline and a variety of local sea creatures have been illustrated with colourful mosaic tile in the fountain.

Richard Wojciechowski
Foot of Lonsdale Avenue, Pier Site

The sculpture makes reference to a figure in local history. In 1900, Joe Bustemente, a one armed Chilean mariner, was retained to blow his trumpet to direct the ferry captain to the North Vancouver wharf. This was particularly important in fog or at night.

Gerald Gladstone
Lonsdale Quay Plaza

This sculpture fountain represents sail forms leaning into the wind and plumes of moving water.

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