North Vancouver Museum & Archives (NVMA)

The North Vancouver Museum & Archives (NVMA) is the keeper of this community's past and provides invaluable tools for researching and exploring its unique stories.

North Vancouver is fortunate to have a rich and storied past, an engaging present and promising future. Reflecting ancient cultures, resource-based and innovative industries, creative and energetic residents, as well as diverse ethnic communities, this community provides a rich tapestry of experiences for showcasing its story. It is the role of the Museum & Archives as the 'sole custodian of the City and District cultural, archival and museum collections' to collect and preserve the artifacts, documents and photographs, that reflect the rich story. The NVMA preserves historically valuable community records and artifacts; it makes them meaningful and accessible to the public by organizing exhibitions, delivering educational programs, caring for collections, and providing access to archival information.

Through the collections, the North Vancouver Museum & Archives encourages residents and visitors to explore North Vancouver's fascinating history, to share reminiscences and stories, to research our players, characters and neighbourhoods, and experience programs that advance understanding of local people, cultures, and history. The website provides a comprehensive overview of Museum & Archives activities.


NVMA new museum renderings

New Museum

A modern new North Vancouver Museum will soon be a reality. The City has approved the construction of a lively, interactive community museum within a new retail/residential development in the 100 block of West Esplanade. The new museum is expected to open in mid-2019.


About NVMA

The North Vancouver Museum & Archives (NVMA) was founded in 1972 as the North Shore Museum & Archives. Since 1996 it has been governed by the North Vancouver Museum & Archives Commission, a joint civic properties commission operated under the auspices of the City and the District of North Vancouver.

The Commission employs fulfills a governance role and provides strategic direction to NVMA. According to its founding by-laws, the Museum & Archives acts as the "sole custodian of the City and District cultural, archival and museum collections." The Museum collects and preserves aspects of the material culture of North Vancouver and cares for approximately 20,000 historic artifacts of local and regional importance. The Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to the documentary heritage of North Vancouver, including public records created by both municipalities, as well as thousands of private records, archival documents, and photographs that document the lives and experiences of residents, business, and community organizations. 

The Community History, in Lynn Valley, is the repository for North Vancouver's archival collections; it is from there that the NVMA's programs are delivered. It is anticipated that a new museum will open on the waterfront in 2017.

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