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North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission

Purpose: Facilitates and encourages community resource involvement and recreation opportunities to encourage the development potentials of physical, social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual being.

Terms of Office: Eleven members and one Director serve a maximum three-year term to a maximum of 2 terms concluding December 31st. The City of North Vancouver appoints two residents of North Vancouver to serve as Commissioners for a three-year term.

Commission Meetings

Committee website with current meeting dates, agendas and minutes.

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission

Doug Green (DNV) Chair
James Heth (DNV) Vice Chair
Cheryl Leia (CNV)
David Porter (DNV)
Allison Rzen (DNV)
Franci Stratton (CNV)
Heather Turner (NVRC)

Councillor Councillor Angela Girard (CNV)
Councillor Holly Back (CNV)
Councillor Mathew Bond (DNV)
Councillor Lisa Muri (DNV)
Notes Term ends November 30th
Committee Clerk / Staff Rep. Veronica Labrosse, Executive Assistant
Phone 604-983-6306
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