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Electric-Assisted Bike Share Pilot Program Update

We’ve been working with our neighbouring municipalities to bring electric-assist bike sharing to the North Shore. The e-bike share program launch has been delayed due to the pursuit of a vendor/operator who can meet our requirements. An ideal vendor has not yet been secured, and we will revisit this project next year.

What is e-bike sharing, anyway?

A typical bike share system consists of a fleet of publically available bicycles, any of which you can rent for a short period of time. You pick a bike up at one location, and drop it off at any other designated location, making it easy to get around town without need for a car, or even owning your own bike.

Bike share systems have already been successfully implemented in the City of Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Richmond, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, and at the University of British Columbia.

The new North Shore system goes one step further, by being the first in the province to provide e-bikes rather than regular bikes.

An e-bike has an integrated electric motor that adds power to your pedaling, so tackling the hilly North Shore terrain will be easier than ever for adults of all ages and abilities.

Contact Info

Natalie Corbo
City of North Vancouver
Tel: 604-982-3971

John Calimente
District of West Vancouver
Tel: 604-921-2912

Ingrid Weisenbach
District of North Vancouver
Tel: 604-990-2431

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