Hey, Central Lonsdale East! 

There’s just something special about our community that makes it a great place to live. Access to parks, nature, and amazing multi use trails. Our stunning waterfront and animated public spaces. An inclusive environment with cultural amenities and community events. The list goes on. 

All that aside, one of the secrets to wellness is really simple: getting around the City in an active way. Walking, biking, rolling and transit are linked with a stronger sense of community belonging, increased happiness, decreased stress, and better overall health.

This past summer, we got active and connected with our neighbors and with nature. 

How can we help you change two car trips per week to walking, biking, rolling or transit? 

Information for GoCNV Participants

If you’ve already signed up, click here to access participant resources, updates, and information about events and workshops!

Sign up for GoCNV

Sign-Ups are closed for 2018

Thanks to all those who signed up for GoCNV over the summer! We are now winding down the program activities, but want to encourage you all to keep travelling smarter. Watch for GoCNV coming to a neighbourhood near you in the future.

How Does GoCNV Work?

Once you sign up, we’ll get in touch to welcome you! Throughout the summer, we’ll provide info and resources to help you reduce your driving, and try walking, biking or transit. Program activities and events will happen over the summer and early fall. 

There’ll be fun and family-friendly events to meet new friends and neighbours, and keep you motivated along the way. 

Where is Central Lonsdale East?

The Summer 2018 initiative took place within the Central Lonsdale East community, as shown below:


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