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New! CityMAP 2.0 (Beta Version)

In January 2019 we will be replacing CityMAP 1.0 with our new and improved CityMAP 2.0. All the current features remain but we’ve added a fresh new look and made it mobile friendly. We encourage you to give our beta version a try and hope you find it simple and easy to use. To get you started we’ve created a little explainer video to give you a quick tour. Launch CityMAP 2.0

CityMAP 1.0 is our interactive map which can be used to explore the City, look up properties, and find many features of special interest such as contours and zoning.
CityMAP 2.0 is our new and improved version of our interactive map. We've freshened up the look and made it completely mobile friendly. Take the beta version for a test drive.

Interest Specific Maps

These interactive maps have been set up to provide information on specific aspects of the City:

Map Catalogue

We have created a number of standard maps in PDF format, making them easier to view in Adobe Acrobat and to print your own copies. These files, which are updated regularly, can also be downloaded and saved to your own computer.

For a complete list of available maps, including maps showing garbage collection areas and the City's Transportation Network Road Classification (according to the OCP), please browse through our Map Catalogue.

We will also continue to offer hard copies for purchase (the small fee covers the cost of printing) through our Community Development Department at City Hall (Tel: 604-990-4220).

How do we create the maps?

The City manages its maps and geographically located features through its own Geographical Information System (GIS). For information on this or any of the above products, please contact the GIS group at

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