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Dog Waste Program

In 2016 the City conducted an audit of the contents of public trash receptacles and found there to be a high percentage of dog waste compared to other waste materials. While small amounts of dog waste are permitted through the regular waste collection, large amounts are harmful to public health and the environment and are more effectively treated through the regional wastewater (sewage) treatment plant.

To address this public concern a dog waste pilot project was launched in 2017, placing ‘Dog Waste Only’ red bins in off-leash parks. Due to the success of the pilot program it has been expanded to include an additional over 30 bins throughout the City. All bins are emptied weekly and the waste is taken to the wastewater treatment plant for safe disposal. In 2018, we'll be diverting around 25 tonnes of dog waste from the landfill.

City staff will monitor the bin expansion program throughout 2018 and may add additional bin locations in the future.

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Managing Dog Waste at Home

Flush it: Dog waste (without the bag) can be flushed in the toilet, and treated at a wastewater treatment plant with other sewage. Don't put it in a storm sewer (on your street) as these carry rain to natural creeks.

Note: Don't flush any bags. Even bags labelled "flusable" or "biodegradable" cause problems for our wastewater system. They will clog your plumbing, or the city sewer.

Call a collection service: There are companies that collect dog waste from private and public spaces. This is also a good option in townhouses or apartments where numerous dog owners cost-share. Search the web under 'dog waste collection'.

Build a composter on your yard: Dog waste will decompose cleanly and without odour in a composter. City Farmer provides instructions. Allocate a bin to this purpose only. The resulting compost can be used on shrubs.
Note: Don't put the resulting compost, or composter on or near your vegetable garden. If you live near a stream, place your composter away from the stream, as the runoff can contain a lot of nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen) which not good for streams. Do not dig below groundwater.

Garbage: Pet waste is listed as prohibited from the region's garbage, but small amounts are accepted preferably double-bagged and put in the next pick-up. We want to limit the amount of dog waste going to the landfill. It’s potentially hazardous to staff and it also produces methane, a powerful green house gas. On warm days it smells in bags, the garbage bin and work places. We encourage the alternatives listed above.


For further information on dog waste and waste services in the City of North Vancouver, see:

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