Delegation Process

A “Delegation” is the process when an individual appears before City Council to make a presentation, request an action, thank Council for a contribution to their group/organization, bring Council up-to-date on a project/idea/concept, or provide further information on an issue currently before Council.

The procedure for a member of the public to appear as a delegation:

  • Submit a written request to the City Clerk’s office by email to Christine Baird, or written correspondence. Include the subject matter to be discussed and all relevant information and points to be raised. Please submit requests as early as possible, as the City receives several requests for delegations over the course of the year. A Delegation date will not be scheduled or confirmed until the City Clerk’s office has received a formal written request.
  • Delegations are provided 10 minutes to make their presentation to Council, regardless of the number of people in the delegation. The City Clerk’s office must be in receipt of all material for distribution to Council, including any media presentation (i.e. PowerPoint, video) no later than 12:00 noon on the Wednesday, 12 days prior to the scheduled Monday Council meeting.
  • The City Clerk will allocate an appropriate date for your delegation.  Every effort is made to schedule a date as soon as possible; however, this is dependent on various factors in the planning process of upcoming agendas.
  • Please note that the written delegation request and presentation to Council will be included in the Council agenda package and form part of the public record. The City of North Vancouver’s Council meetings are audio/video recorded and live-streamed on the City’s website.

Persons appearing before Council as a delegation should be aware of the following matters of protocol:

  • The Mayor is addressed as “Your Worship” or “Mayor <surname>”;
  • Councillors are addressed as “Councillor <surname>”;
  • Staff are addressed either by title (i.e. Chief Administrative Officer, City Clerk or Director of <Department>, or by name, e.g. “Mr. or Ms. <Surname>”);
  • All responses to Council or staff must be addressed through the Mayor.

We understand that delegates may be nervous or unfamiliar with the process when they come to the podium to speak to Council and Council members endeavor to set a comfortable and welcoming setting for anyone speaking. Further, the opportunity to appear as a delegation is at the privilege of Council, so use your time wisely and speak clearly and succinctly into the microphone when presenting. Upon completion of your presentation, Council may ask questions if they wish clarification on any points raised.

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