Phase One

1st Street Mobility Corridor

Casano Loutet Overpass

Jones Street overpass from West 21st Street to the highway #1

Phase Two

Esplanade Complete Street

Upper Levels Greenway

Phase Three

Mid-town connector through Central Lonsdale

St Davids Greenway

Chesterfield from Chadwick to 13th

Esplanade Complete Street

We’re redesigning Esplanade to create a safer, more comfortable experience for pedestrians and cyclists, while maintaining sufficient road capacity for transit, trucks and passenger vehicles.

Latest Construction Update

View the latest Report to Council - January 27, 2023. 

Sidewalks and mobility lanes are in place from Forbes and 3rd Street and along Esplanade to St Georges on both sides of the street. We’re now completing the remaining works including landscaping, minor street design elements around St Georges and the final roadway paving. Painting and paving related work is weather dependent. Thank you for your patience during construction.

We’ve taken a Complete Street approach to ensure that we consider people of all ages and abilities, support all modes of transportation, maintain access to local businesses and create a new experience that feels vibrant and welcoming. 

The new design for Esplanade was created after an extensive community consultation process, along with guidance from Council-approved policy, including our Safe Mobility Strategy. Throughout this process, safety was identified as the single most important issue to be addressed when reimagining the corridor.

Once complete, Esplanade will include:

  • Protected mobility lanes
  • Two travel lanes in each direction
  • Curbside areas for passenger pick-up, drop-off and deliveries
  • Wider sidewalks, more street trees and places for people to sit and gather
Esplanade Complete Street project area

Construction Schedule and Updates

All phases of construction are underway with substantial completion expected in late 2022.

What’s Happening Now

Esplanade between Lonsdale and St Georges

  • Asphalt repairs at the northeast corner of Lonsdale and Esplanade. 
  • Road leveling in preparation for paving.

Esplanade between Mahon and St Georges

  • Mobility lanes and sidewalks are open in all directions for people walking, rolling, and cycling.
  • Two lanes of vehicle traffic are in place in all directions.
  • New short-term on-street parking regulations are in place. See signage for details. Consider using one of the 2,000 off-street parking spaces if you are staying in the area for a longer visit.
  • Coordination with the two development sites in this segment may result in temporary detours and traffic changes during construction hours.

Forbes Avenue between 3rd Street and Esplanade

  • Protected mobility lanes are in place along Forbes Avenue.
  • New traffic pattern in place with two northbound and one southbound lane for vehicles.
  • Left turns are restricted off Forbes to 1st and 2nd Streets.

Other Areas

  • Tile work between the sidewalk and store frontages on the north side between Semisch and Chesterfield,
  • Ongoing landscape work at Waterfront Park.
  • Line painting in both directions between Rogers Ave and Lonsdale.

During construction, every effort will be made to minimize impacts on neighbouring residents, businesses and roadway users. One travel lane in each direction will remain open at all times, along with a clear bicycle route in each direction. 

Throughout the construction schedule, the City is committed to:

  • Maintaining safe access to businesses and residential buildings
  • Ensuring safe routes for people walking and cycling through the area
  • Proactively managing traffic and noise impacts
  • Providing access to parking within parkades in the project area
  • Providing regular project updates


During construction, on-street parking will be unavailable on blocks with active construction. There are many nearby parking options, with over 2,000 parking spaces available in parkades within a 3 minute walk of Esplanade.

Lower Lonsdale parking map

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