Green Necklace at Grand Boulevard

Grand Boulevard Lights are On!

The lights on the central path are now on. Enjoy!

Fun Fact

In 2020, our community took close to 300,000 trips along the Green Necklace at Grand Boulevard. That's a whole lot of walking, running and rolling! We recorded over 160,000 trips, just on the central path alone.

This section of the Green Necklace carries people through Grand Boulevard Park, from East 19th Street at the north end to East Keith Road at the south end. The central path takes pedestrians through the interior of the park, with enhanced crossings at each of the streets that cross West Grand. Pedestrian-scale lighting illuminates the path, providing a safe and comfortable experience year round. The light fixtures were carefully chosen to compliment the historic character of the both the park and the neighbourhood, while providing sufficient light without causing "light pollution". On the perimeter of the park, a northbound bike lane on West Grand Boulevard and a southbound bike lane on East Grand Boulevard accommodate both commuter and recreational cyclists. Approximately 150 trees were added to the park as part of the Green Necklace project, enhancing the park and the adjacent streetscape.

Lights at Grand Boulevard

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