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The Government of Canada has announced non-medical (recreational) cannabis use will be legal in Canada starting on October 17, 2018. Information about Cannabis in Canada can be found on the Government of Canada website. In preparation for the national legalization of recreational cannabis, the Province of British Columbia has established a legislative framework under the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act (CCLA) and is currently working on a full regulatory framework. More information on the legislative framework can be found on the Government of BC's website.

Until October 17, 2018, recreational cannabis use and sale is illegal in Canada.

The City is currently preparing a Recreational Cannabis Policy to establish criteria for cannabis retail sales in the City of North Vancouver. Criteria that will be explore include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Location and distance requirements from sensitive uses and other marijuana-related operations; 
  • Operational conditions, including hours of operation and security features; and,
  • Storefront and signage limitations, including the display of products. 

Once endorsed, the Recreational Cannabis Policy will be used to guide and inform Rezoning and Business Licensing applications for recreational cannabis sales, which are currently prohibited as-of-right in the Zoning Bylaw. Council has directed that there be no processing of cannabis-related applications while the Recreational Cannabis Policy is under development. 

Please note: the Recreational Cannabis Policy currently underway does not impact existing City regulations on medical marijuana producers, which will continue to be permitted in the M-2 (industrial) zone in the Zoning Bylaw.  Furthermore, this Policy will not regulate home production of recreational cannabis, where a maximum of four plants is permitted under federal regulations. Home production will be regulated and monitored by senior levels of government.


This process involves engaging with residents, City Advisory Bodies, and key stakeholders, including, but not limited, to:

  • Cannabis Industry;
  • RCMP;
  • Vancouver Coastal Health;
  • North Vancouver School District;
  • North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce; and,
  • Business Improvement Associations.

A timeline of the process is included below. All associated materials will be posted here along with ongoing updates.

The City is seeking feedback from the Cannabis industry with a stakeholder meeting scheduled for July 11th, 2018. Please email staff at the contact information below if you are interested in attending.

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