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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our online services and modified some permitting and inspection procedures. 

Installation of Physical Barriers for COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control

The intent of this Bulletin is to advise business operators of potential impacts the installation of physical distancing measures may have on critical building life safety systems. >> Learn More

Construction Permits Now Accepted Electronically

The City is now accepting all construction permit applications electronically, through All permit application processes will remain the same other than receiving the physical document copies. >> Learn More

Modified Permitting & Inspection Procedures

As City Hall is temporarily closed to the public we have modified some of our procedures for permits and inspections. >> Learn More

New guidance to construction sites during COVID-19

BC Government Update, March 23, 2020 - All members in the construction industry must follow these requirements to ensure the utmost protection of our workers, their families and our communities. All employers and employees must read and abide by these rules because it is only through collective efforts that we can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Read more

For information about how the City is addressing the COVID-19 situation, what our community can do to reduce health risks, and for ongoing updates, visit and monitor the City’s social media channels.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

New! Home Renovation Rebates

City residents are now eligible to receive up to $6,000 in rebates for the installation of a heat pump. More info.

What is a heat pump? Powered by electricity, a heat pump is an efficient way of heating and cooling your home. It takes the heat from the air outside your home and moves it indoors.

There are a variety of permits that must be obtained before your business or residence undergoes any major construction or alteration. Permits are also required for projects that involve tree cutting or interior finishing. Inspections ensure the work on your construction or renovation project complies with your permit and the bylaw.

The BC Building Codes change regularly so we encourage contractors, builders and designers review the latest building codes for BC.


Types of Permits

All contractors applying for a permit must have a valid City of North Vancouver Business Licence.

**Please note: Trade permits will be processed within 2 business days.** 

Building Permit

Issued for the construction of all structures including new buildings, additions, interior finishing, signs, building moving and building demolition.

Electrical Permit

Issued to a licenced electrical contractor or homeowner for any electrical work undertaken. A permit can only be issued to the home owner of a single-family dwelling who is living on their own property.

Gas Permit

Issued to a gas contractor or home owner for all gas installations. A permit can only be issued to the homeowner of a single-family dwelling who is living on their own property.

Plumbing Permit

Issued to a plumbing contractor or homeowner for plumbing work in new houses, additions, commercial, public and industrial buildings. A permit can only be issued to the home owner of a single-family dwelling who is living on their own property.

Sign Permit

All exterior signs require a sign permit.

Sprinkler Permit

Issued to a sprinkler contractor or homeowner for the installation of sprinkler heads. A permit can only be issued to the homeowner of a single-family dwelling who is living on their own property.

Street Use Permit

Landscaping and maintaining boulevards, oversized vehicles and use of our streets may require a Street Use Permit.

Who Can Obtain a Permit

Review this guide to understand the qualifications required to obtain any permits outlined above. See: Who Can Obtain a Permit info sheet (PDF)

Are you looking for building plans?

Please complete the Access to Building Plans Application (PDF)

Inspection Requests

The City accepts bookings up until 3pm for inspections the next business day.

To book electrical inspections, please complete and email the Electrical Contractor Authorization Form to Or call our 24 hour inspection line at 604-990-4249.

Contact Info

Building Division
Tel: 604-990-4220

24 Hour Inspection Line
Tel: 604-990-4249

After-Hours Construction Complaints
Tel: 604-988-2212

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