427-429 & 433-435 East 3rd Street

This application has completed the City application process and is no longer active.

The City has received a Moodyville Development Permit application at 427-429 and 433-435 East 3rd Street, for a four-storey townhouse development. The proposal is for 15 units, and one adaptable lock-off unit.

The application will be considered by Council, for two proposed relaxations to the Moodyville Development Permit Guidelines:

  • Moodyville Guideline 7.4.1 - Relaxation to allow living space floor area within the upper portion of the building envelope. On the south building, approximately the top 1 m (3.3. ft) of the building envelope would be limited to roof structures and other rooftop elements. This would relax the Guideline that the top 3 m (9.8 ft) be limited to rooftop structures and other rooftop elements.
  • Moodyville Guideline 7.5.2 - Relaxation to building separation, for the upper storeys. The Guideline suggests that building separation should be not less than 7.4 m (24.3 ft) for the 1st and 2nd storey, and 9.8 m (32.3 ft) above the 2nd storey. For the 3rd storey, proposed building separation would vary between 7.4 m (24.3 ft) and 8.6 m (28.3 ft). For the 4th storey, proposed building separation would vary between 8.7m (28.5 ft) and 12.9 m (42.5 ft).

The application was considered by Council on Monday, June 21, 2021.

427 429 and 433 435 E 3rd St

Key Dates

Event Date Location
Virtual Developer Information Session January 13, 2021

 Council Meeting June 21, 2021  
 Development Permit Approval & Issuance July 19, 2021   


Contact Info



Meg Wray
Telephone: 604-983-7357
Email: planning@cnv.org


Helen Besharat
BFA Studio Architects
Telephone: 604-662-8544
Email: info@bfastudioarchitects.com

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