245 West 27th Street

Rezoning from RS-1 to RS-2 for future subdivision.

245 W 27th St 

Application Process & Information

Milestone Date Documents How To Participate
Application Accepted September 8, 2023

Architectural Drawings

Landscape Drawings

Contact City staff with questions or comments.
Developer Information Session TBD  - Contact the Applicant for information on how to participate.
Revised Submission Based on Feedback TBD  - Contact City staff with questions or comments.
Council Consideration TBD  - View Council agenda or learn how to participate at a Council Meeting (link: https://www.cnv.org/City-Hall/Council-Meetings).
Council Approval TBD  - Contact City staff or the Applicant with questions or comments.


Contact Info

City Contact

Kyle Pickett
Planning Lead
Telephone: 604-983-7357
Email: planning@cnv.org


Application Contact

Mehrdad Rahbar
Vernacular Studio Inc.
Telephone: 604-720-0891
Email: mrahbar@vernaculardev.com

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