Mayor Linda Buchanan

It has been my honour to serve our community over the past 10 years and now as your Mayor. I am deeply passionate about our community and, in particular, the people. I want people to be proud of and engaged in our City and I want a city that is caring and works to lift up each and everyone of us, from the youngest to the oldest citizen.

Together we have worked hard and I am proud of what we have accomplished over the years. I have been a champion for an inclusive and healthy community and my vision is to make our City ‘The Healthiest Small City in the World'. 

Now more than ever, we need to put people and community first. Together we need to keep working to find those creative and innovative solutions to the challenges we face, with renewed energy and commitment, and continue to foster a culture of collaboration and inclusion while doing so. That means tackling issues like housing and affordability to ensure our City is a place where youth, families and seniors can continue to call home. It means working with other levels of government to improve transportation. It means dealing with emerging issues like social inclusion and continually working to find ways to enhance a sense of connection and community engaging people on their terms and in ways that reflect our diversity. We need to be open to new possibilities even as we develop solutions unique to North Vancouver. 

These values give us the opportunity to create a promising future working together. 


Mayor Buchanan's Inaugural Address

A City for People, A Healthy City for All (PDF)
A City for People, A Healthy City for All (Video)



Mayor Buchanan’s values and passion for our City come naturally to her. Her late father, Jim Buchanan, was a popular high school principal whose memory is celebrated with the annual Buchanan Bowl football game. Her mother, Verna, was a nurse and remains a long-time community volunteer. Mayor Buchanan states both her parents provided a deep foundation to the value of family, deep times to our community and an understanding of the diverse people who live here.

After graduating from Carson Graham Secondary School and the University of British Columbia (Honors), Mayor Buchanan pursued her family’s commitment to people and community through a career in nursing, providing preventative health services working with the Squamish Nation; health promotion to children, youth and families; and working in schools and community clinics.

As a past School Trustee Mayor Buchanan played a leadership role in the revitalization of the City’s schools. She is one of the founding members of the Ridgeway Heritage Committee and is proud of their success in having Ridgeway Elementary, one of the most significant heritage buildings in North Vancouver, restored. People who know Mayor Buchanan describe her as an exceptional leader, a collaborator and a strong advocate for our community.

Mayor Buchanan is the principle author of the North Shore Child and Family Friendly Charter and as a Councillor championed the creation of the Child, Youth and Family Municipal Strategy and the Dementia Friendly Action Plan. She is a strong supporter of improving the quality of living for residents that focuses on programs and services, the public spaces, arts and culture, and infrastructure that makes our City, a people place. 

Mayor Buchanan lives with her husband and their four children. She is a proud hockey mom, an avid walker, tennis player, and jazz music enthusiast.

Council Committees & Appointments

  • Civic Naming Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • North Vancouver Policing Committee
  • Parcel Tax Roll Review Panel
  • Parks and Recreation Committee
  • Policy Committee
Metro Vancouver
  • Joint Use of Public Facilities Planning Committee
  • Metro Vancouver Greater Vancouver Regional District Board of Directors, Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District Board and Greater Vancouver Water District Board
  • Metro Vancouver Board of Directors
  • Translink Mayors' Council
  • North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
  • Vancouver Coastal Health/North Shore Local Governance Liaison Group

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