Harbourside Waterfront Development Application

A four-phase mixed-use development has been approved for this area. The development will be guided over time by development permit guidelines to control the form and character of the development, and also regulate the look and feel of the public area, including street width, parking access, public amenities, materials and architectural styles. Improvements to vehicle access, transit connections, the Kingsmill Walk park and addressing sea level rise are requirements for the development to proceed.
For detailed information about this proposed development, please review the documents below.

Harbourside Waterfront OCP Amendment Map

In 2017, Concert Properties Submitted a development Permit application for the first phase of the project, to the east of the Foot of Fell Avenue. The Development Permit submission is available below.

Contact Info

City Staff

Emily Macdonald
Tel: 604-982-3904
Email: planning@cnv.org


Concert Properties Ltd.
Concert Properties
Tel: 604-688-9460
Email: WebGeneral@ConcertProperties.com

Contact for Phase One (Site D):

Kate Sunderland Ratzlaff
Concert Properties Ltd.
Tel: 604-688-9460 Email: WebGeneral@ConcertProperties.com

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