Building Permits


Due to the COVID-19, we have expanded our online services and modified some permitting and inspection procedures. 

Construction Permits Now Accepted Electronically

The City is now accepting all construction permit applications electronically, through All permit application processes will remain the same other than receiving the physical document copies. >> Learn More

Modified Permitting & Inspection Procedures

As City Hall is temporarily closed to the public we have modified some of our procedures for permits and inspections. >> Learn More

Guidance for Construction Sites during COVID-19

All members in the construction industry must follow requirements to ensure the protection of workers, their families and our communities. All employers and employees must abide by these rules to reduce the spread of COVID-19. >> Read more

Building permits are issued for, but not limited to, these construction projects:

  • Erecting a new structure
  • Adding components (e.g. wing or unit) to an existing structure
  • Finishing or altering the interior of a structure
  • Moving a structure
  • Demolishing a structure
  • Signing a structure
How to Submit Permit Applications

The City is accepting either hard copy or electronic applications. Learn more about our new building permit submission process here.

Completed permit applications can be emailed to for processing. 

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