placemaking [pleys] mak·ing [māking]
noun The art of altering a public space into a living space verb  Creating a public space that connects people in a pleasant and uplifting way

Living Lane

Welcome to our new pocket plaza: Living Lane

The City is creating a pocket plaza at 100 BLK E 1st Street Lane and will close off the laneway to vehicle traffic.

In Summer 2018 the PLAY team hosted two community feedback events to gather input from neighbours and community members. This feedback will help inform the design of a unique new community space.

Construction on sidewalk and lane upgrades will start early July 2019, and will feature seating, lighting, greenery and bright colours to be added once construction is complete.

What do you want to see here, do here, or make here? Questions or ideas, connect with us at

Big thanks to the Lower Lonsdale BIA, Big Pete’s, and The Profile for their support on this project.

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