Dog Licences & Renewals

If you own a dog in the City of North Vancouver you need to obtain a dog licence. This is a City bylaw and it provides protection for your pet. Lost dogs wearing a city dog licence are returned to owners far faster than dogs without one.

All dog licences expire December 31st of each year. A fine of $60.00 will be levied to dog owners found without a valid dog licence in the City of North Vancouver. Residents with an Assistance Dog will be issued a licence free of charge.

How to Get a Licence

Licence fees are $30 per year. Once payment is complete your new or renewed dog licence will be mailed out to you.

(Residents with an assistance dog will be issued a licence free of charge.)

Before you apply for a new dog licence, check to see if you live in the City


If you live in the District of North Vancouver please visit:

New Licence

If you wish to licence a new dog  you can do so through our online service centre, CityServe. In order to apply and pay for a new dog licence you will need to create an account. To proceed click the apply button to launch CityServe.


Renew Licence

If you purchased a 2018 Dog Licence from the City of North Vancouver a renewal notice should have been mailed to you in December 2018. You will need your account number from your renewal notice to renew online. If you did not receive your renewal notice please call us at 604-983-7316.

Lost Dog Tag

If you have lost your dog tag a replacement tag can be ordered for $5. Please contact us at at 604-983-7316 to order a new tag.

Contact Info

Finance Department, City Hall
141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-983-7316

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