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Marine-Main B-Line

The City and neighbouring North Shore municipalities are working with TransLink to plan and design the Marine-Main B-Line. The Marine-Main B-Line is a high capacity express bus service that will run from West Vancouver to Phibbs Exchange.

About the Marine-Main B-Line

The B-Line will provide efficient and dependable bus service from 6am – 1am, 7 days a week. At peak times, it will run every 8 minutes. During non-peak times buses will run every 10-15 minutes.

There will be six stops in the City:

  • Hamilton Ave
  • Bewicke Ave
  • Lonsdale Quay
  • Lonsdale at 3rd St
  • Ridgeway Ave
  • Brooksbank Ave

Construction of the B-Line is expected to begin in spring 2019 and service is expected to begin in fall 2019.

Key changes

The B-Line is being designed to accommodate bus lanes while keeping two regular traffic lanes in each direction. No general travel lanes will be removed. The additional space will be gained by:

  • pushing back curbs and sidewalks in some locations
  • shifting some lanes
  • reallocating some median space
  • implementing some parking restrictions

Vehicles will still be able to make left and right turns. Additional left-hand turn lanes will be added to improve traffic flow at some intersections.

Marine-Main B-Line Route


1. Hamilton Ave to Bewicke Ave

Key changes in this section:

  • Median removed to introduce westbound lane for buses, bicycles, and vehicles turning right
  • This change maintains two lanes of general purpose traffic

B-Line Hamilton to Bewicke


2. Lonsdale Quay

Key changes in this section:

  • New pedestrian crossing with signal and lighting at Roger’s Ave.
  • All buses rerouted to Lonsdale Quay bus exchange via Roger’s Ave.
  • Existing bike lanes retained


3. Lower Lonsdale

Key changes in this section:

  • Pedestrian crossings at 1st and 2nd Streets enhanced with new traffic signals and lighting
  • New 3rd Street B-Line Stops;


4. Lonsdale Ave to Heywood Ave

Key changes in this section:

  • Parking restrictions on south side to dedicate lane to buses, bicycles, and vehicles turning right

B-Line Lonsdale to Heywood


5. Gladstone Ave to Brooksbank Ave

Key changes in this section:

  • Eastbound bus lane added
  • Eastbound off-street bicycle path added

B-Line Gladstone to Brooksbank


Learn more about the B-Line

Visit TransLink at: translink.ca/B-Line.

Contact Info

Karyn Magnusson, Deputy Director-Engineering
Phone: 604-983-7338
Email: kmagnusson@cnv.org

Jennifer Draper, Manager Transportation Planning
Phone: 604-983-7343
Email: jdraper@cnv.org

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