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Election 2022

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, qualified electors will vote for one Mayor, six Councillors, and three School Trustees. Elected officials will serve a four-year term from November 2022 to October 2026.

General local elections (and by-elections) are the most direct way for the public to influence their local government, school district, or other local governance body by choosing the individuals who will make decisions and govern on their behalf following general voting day. Learn more on the Elections BC website and the Province of BC website.

How, When and Where to Vote

map of voting locations

Voting Locations

>> View all voting locations on our interactive City map

>> Download a map of General Election Day voting locations

Mail Ballot Voting

For the first time in local elections, all eligible electors are able to apply to vote by mail ballot. See the Mail Ballot Voting section on this page for details.

Advance Voting Opportunities

Advance voting is available at City Hall, 141 West 14th St in Conference Room A (wheelchair-accessible), at the dates and times listed below.

  • Wednesday, October 5:  8am-8pm
  • Saturday, October 8:  10am-4pm
  • Tuesday, October 11:  10am-6pm
  • Wednesday, October 12:  8am-8pm
  • Thursday, October 13:  12pm-6pm

Special Voting Opportunities

A special voting opportunity will be provided on October 8 from 9am to 1pm at the Evergreen House and North Shore Hospice, and on October 15 from 9am to noon at the Lions Gate Hospital and HOpe Centre located within the Hospital complex.

Please note that this special voting opportunity is only provided for patients of the above-noted facilities.

General Voting Day

Voting hours are 8am to 8pm at the following locations. All voting locations are wheelchair accessible.

Curbside Voting

A parking stall will be designated nearby voting places during the advance voting period and on General Voting Day for curbside voting. Curbside voting is provided to electors who are not able to enter a voting place.

Electors requiring curbside voting need to call 604-985-7761 once they have parked in the designated parking stall. An election official will then be notified to attend to the elector.

Health and Safety Protocols

The City will administer the election in accordance with the public health orders and its Communicable Disease Prevention Plan.

Electors are encouraged to:

  • Monitor their health and stay home if sick (mail ballot voting is available to all eligible electors);
  • Practice good hygiene (i.e. sanitize hands and cover coughs and sneezes) at a voting location; and
  • Respect others’ comfort level (i.e. physical distancing) at a voting location.

Who Can Vote?

Resident Electors

To vote in the City of North Vancouver election as a resident elector, you must:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen;
  • Be 18 years of age or older on the day of registration or on General Voting Day;
  • Be a resident of the City of North Vancouver on the day of registration;
  • Have been a resident of B.C. for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration; and
  • Not be disqualified from voting in an election.

Corporations, businesses and permanent residents of Canada (landed immigrants) who have not yet become Canadian Citizens are not permitted to vote.

Non-Resident Property Electors

Non-resident property electors are individuals who own property in the City and live elsewhere in B.C. To vote as a non-resident property elector, you must:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen;
  • Be 18 years of age or older on the day of registration or on General Voting Day;
  • Have been a resident of B.C. for at least 6 months immediately before the day of registration;
  • Not be disqualified from voting in an election;
  • Be a registered owner of real property in the City for at least 30 days immediately before the day of registration;
  • Be registered as a non-resident property elector only in relation to one parcel of real property in the City; and
  • If applicable, have written consent from majority of registered owners.

Non-resident property electors must NOT hold the real property in trust for a corporation or another trust.

Squamish Nation Residents

Squamish Nation logoSḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) residents living on Reserve on Eslhá7an (Ustlawn – Mission 1 Reserve) are eligible to vote in the City’s general local election. For more information, review the Provincial Voter’s Guide for Electors Living on Reserve.

Voters List and Registration

City List of Electors

The City of North Vancouver uses the most current available provincial list of voters prepared by Elections BC. If you were listed on the Provincial Voters List by mid-August 2022, you should be on the City's List of Electors.

Voting Day Registration

If you are not on the City's List of Electors, and did not register during the advance elector registration period, you can still register to vote on Advance Voting Days or General Voting Day. To register on voting day, you must show two pieces of identification (see below) which prove who you are and where you live (i.e. includes your name and residential address), and one of the pieces of identification must also include your signature (e.g. driver's licence, BC Services Card). If neither piece of identification shows your residential address, you may make a solemn declaration as to your place of residence.

Non-resident property electors must produce two pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity and that they are entitled to register in relation to property (e.g. property tax notice or certificate of title). If applicable, written consent from the majority of property owners must be provided. Only one owner may register as a non-resident property elector. To make the registration process more efficient, it is recommended that non-resident property electors print in advance and bring to the voting place completed application form and if applicable, completed written consent form. Printed forms can also be picked up in advance at City Hall during regular office hours (8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday except Holidays) or downloaded from the following links:

Acceptable Voter ID

When registering to vote, updating your personal information, or requesting a mail ballot package during a local election you will need to provide two pieces of acceptable identification. 

These two pieces of identification will prove who you are and where you live (i.e. name and residential address). One piece of identification must also include your signature.

Suggested Types of Identification

  • BC CareCard
  • BC Identification Card issued by ICBC
  • BC Services Card
  • BC Driver's License
  • Birth Certificate
  • City of North Vancouver Public Library Card
  • Canadian passport or Citizenship card
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Credit or debit card
  • Income Tax Assessment
  • Metis Certificate Status
  • Monthly Report/Request for Continued Income Assistance
  • Nexus Border Card
  • Owner's Certificate of Insurance and Vehicle License issued by ICBC
  • Property tax notice issued by the City of North Vancouver
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Statutory Declaration/Sworn Affidavit (from a notary public, lawyer, or commissioner for taking affidavits)
  • Student card
  • Utility bill (electricity, natural gas. water, telephone, or cable service)

Mail Ballot Voting

For the first time in local elections, all eligible electors are able to apply to vote by mail ballot. To verify if you are an eligible elector, please review information under Who Can Vote? If you are not on the City’s List of Electors, you may register and apply for the mail ballot package at the same time.

Key Dates for Mail Ballot Packages

  • Application period: Wednesday, August 3 to Monday, October 10;
  • Packages mailed to electors via Canada Post: on or around Friday, September 30;
  • In person pick up: any packages requested on Wednesday, October 5 or later must be picked up at City Hall; and
  • All completed mail ballot packages must be returned to the Chief Election Officer no later than 8:00 pm on Saturday, October 15 (General Voting Day) to ensure the ballots will be counted.

Please note that the key dates are impacted by the legislated deadlines that the City adheres to when administering local elections. While electors will be able to request a mail ballot package at the beginning of August, packages cannot be assembled and mailed until late-September.

It may take up to five days for a mail ballot package to be delivered locally by Canada Post. Deliveries to/from addresses outside of the City are expected to take longer. Electors also have the option to pick up or drop off the mail ballot package in person (City Hall). It is advisable that mail ballots be completed and returned as soon as possible. Electors are responsible for ensuring that the Chief Election Officer receives their ballot by the deadline, as ballots received after the deadline cannot be counted.

Requesting a Mail Ballot Package

  • Electors will be able to request a mail ballot package online, starting Wednesday, August 3.
  • Each elector will be required to provide two pieces of identification to show proof of name and residential address, and one of the pieces of identification must also include the elector's signature. (See the Voters List and Registration section for acceptable ID.)
  • If you require assistance while completing your mail ballot application, please contact elections@cnv.org or 604-990-4233.
  • Monday, October 10 is the last day to request a mail ballot package online (Note: October 10 is Thanksgiving and City Hall will be closed). It is advisable that electors request their mail ballot package prior to this day, especially if assistance from staff may be required while completing the application. If urgent assistance is required on October 10 to complete the online application for a mail ballot package, please email elections@cnv.org which will be monitored on an intermittent basis between 8:30am and 5:00pm; a response may be delayed.

>> Request Mail Ballot Package online

Mail Ballot Package Contents

  • The mail ballot package will contain the required information to help electors vote. This includes a cover letter, an instruction sheet, required envelopes, and a ballot.
  • Non-resident property electors will receive any additional forms they may need to complete.

Distribution of Mail Ballot Packages

  • Mail ballot packages will be provided to electors as soon as possible after the ballots are printed. It is estimated that packages will be mailed on or around September 30.
  • Electors have the option to:
    • Pick up a mail ballot package in person at City Hall (141 West 14th Street);
    • Pre-arrange to have someone else pick up a mail ballot package on their behalf from City Hall;
    • Receive a mail ballot package by Canada Post regular mail delivery; or
    • Arrange, and pay for, a courier service to pick up a mail ballot package from City Hall.
  • Packages must be picked up during regular office hours (8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday except Holidays) or during advance voting hours from City Hall. Electors picking up their package must show two pieces of identification to provide proof of name and residential address, one of which must also contain their signature.
  • If an elector designates another person to pick up their mail ballot package, the designated person must:
    • Live at the same address as the elector; 
    • Be related to the elector; or
    • Be only assisting one other elector who does not live at the same address or is related to the elector requesting the mail ballot package; and
    • Show two pieces of identification to provide proof of their name and residential address, one of which must also contain their signature.
  • If an elector wishes to arrange, and pay for, a courier to pick up their mail ballot package, the elector will need to contact the City's Election Office directly (elections@cnv.org or 604-990-4233) to advise when the package will be picked up. The courier must provide the above noted identification.
  • Each person picking up a mail ballot package in person will be required to sign a form confirming receipt of a mail ballot package.
  • Note: any packages requested on Wednesday, October 5 or later must be picked up at City Hall in person.

Return of Mail Ballot Packages

  • Electors have the option to return their sealed ballot by postal mail, in-person at City Hall or by courier. It is the electors’ responsibility to ensure that the Chief Election Officer receives their ballot by 8:00 pm on General Voting Day (Saturday, October 15).
  • Electors who are returning their ballot by postal mail will need to pay and affix pre-paid return postage on the return envelope.
  • Electors returning their ballot in-person at City Hall (141 West 14th Street) have the following options:
    • Deliver to City Hall during regular office hours, during advance voting hours, or on General Voting Day until 8:00 pm; or
    • Deposit the return envelope into one of the two drop boxes located outside of the main entrances at City Hall, at any time up until the deadline of 8:00 pm on General Voting Day.

Resources for Candidates

Campaign Financing, Disclosure, and Election Advertising

Elections BC administers campaign financing, disclosure, and election advertising rules under the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act. New campaign financing and advertising rules are in effect for the 2022 local general election. Candidates and third party advertisers are responsible for knowing the rules. For more information visit the Elections BC website.

Candidates and third party sponsors have expense limits that apply during the campaign period. Expense limits for the 2022 election were announced on May 31, 2022. Candidate Expense Limits for the City of North Vancouver are available on the Elections BC website. Third Party Expense Limits for the City of North Vancouver are also available on the Elections BC website.

All candidates are required to submit their financial disclosure documents to Elections BC for verification and publication, in compliance with the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act. Financial disclosure statements can be viewed on the Elections BC website, when available.

For any questions regarding campaign financing, disclosure and advertising rules, please contact Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 or electoral.finance@elections.bc.ca.

Provincial Information on Running for Office

The Province of BC has made the following resources available to help inform and guide individuals who are considering running for local office:

Links to additional resources are provided within the Candidate Nomination Packages.

Information for Newly Elected Officials

You've been elected to Council! Now what?

A new term on Council could easily feel overwhelming with a sudden influx of information on legislative requirements, policies, processes, commitments, and other protocols. 

To help our 2022 newly elected officials transition into their roles for the 2022-2026 term, a series of mandatory workshops and information sessions will be held approximately between October 24 to November 25 (during daytime working hours). Additional workshops and tours may be held later in the year (daytime and evening). Dates and times will be posted here, so that candidates can make arrangements in their schedules.

Elected officials should also anticipate various workshops to be scheduled throughout each year of the 4-year term regarding current topics of interest.

Election Declarations

The following election declarations will be posted in this section in accordance with legislated timelines:


Questions and Additional Information

Review our Election 2022 Factsheet to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the positions of mayor, councillor, and school trustee.

General Voting Guide – Six Languages Available

The Province of British Columbia has developed a general Voter's Guide to Local Elections in BC. If your language is not listed, you are encouraged to ask someone you know to help translate this important information. 

This document is available in the following languages:


For any inquiries, please contact:

  • elections@cnv.org
  • Nikolina Vracar, Chief Election Officer – 604-982-8354
  • Christine Baird, Deputy Chief Election Officer – 604-990-4233


Candidate Profiles

Information on all candidates who have filed nomination papers with the City is provided below. Information listed in this section was provided by each candidate by the nomination period deadline and has not been verified for accuracy. The list of candidates is updated to reflect any confirmed candidate withdrawals by 4:00 pm on September 16.

Mayor (one to be elected)


photo of BUCHANAN Linda

Phone: 604-988-7270

Phone (alternate): 604-219-0352

Email: lindabuchanancnv@gmail.com

Website: lindabuchanan.ca



Candidate Statement

I have always believed that communities are about people. Together we worked hard to build a caring, inclusive, and connected community, despite the many challenges of the past few years. Putting people and community first has always been my top priority and that will not change as we look to the future of our City. While some challenges are behind us, it is not time to settle. Now is the time for bold and innovative solutions. Together we can make life better for all people. As Mayor, I believe we must continue on this path with renewed energy and commitment. That means continuing to tackle issues of housing and affordability that will allow families, youth, and seniors to continue to call our City home. It means working collaboratively with other levels of government to deliver childcare and transportation upgrades that work for everyone. And it means continuing to build an inclusive, vibrant community by ensuring our public spaces become places for people. We can be optimistic about our future, and be open to new possibilities. These are the values that have guided me for the last four years and the ones I will continue to embrace as your Mayor.

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of HEYWOOD Guy

Phone: 604-340-2160

Email: Guy4Mayor@gmail.com

Website: guyheywood.ca


Candidate Statement

Hello neighbours. I’ve decided to run again for Mayor in the City of North Vancouver. I was the runner up 4 years ago and only decided to run again at the last minute. While I may not be in a position to run a campaign, I feel better prepared to talk about the issues. We’ve gone through challenging times. There may well be even more challenging ones ahead. We come to appreciate how important our governments are in a time of crisis. We should take this time before the next one to get our government in the best shape possible. The City government has big challenges. We need to talk about them during this election.

Nomination Package - PDF

Councillor (six to be elected)

BACK, Holly

photo of BACK Holly

Phone: 778-688-3669

Email: info@hollyback.ca

Website: www.hollyback.ca



Candidate Statement

The City of North Vancouver is a vibrant, thriving city and I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing community. Together, we are pulling out of the pandemic and creating a new normal. And that means change. No matter how positive, change can present challenges. We need strong Council leadership to guide us through this time of renewal. Ensuring our community is welcoming and inclusive, providing affordable housing options, supporting small businesses, and building a vibrant city where people can gather and connect. One of my top priorities is completion of the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre and Silver Harbour Seniors Centre. I will work hard to ensure this project stays on track and I look forward to celebrating the opening with you in 2025. The role of councillor is to be the liaison with our citizens, businesses, community groups, and other levels of government. In 2014, I was elected to my first term as councillor. It is an honour to serve my community and I welcome the opportunity to put my business and community experience to work for you. Please visit my website for more information on my background and priorities for the coming term.

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of BELL, Don

Phone: 778-998-2807

Phone (alternate): 604-985-2356

Email: don@donbell.ca

Website: www.donbell.ca


Candidate Statement

It has been my privilege to serve you as City Councillor for the past eleven years. I approach each issue before Council using my experience and applying independent thinking and common sense to try and get the best possible decisions for our community. I continue to be concerned about the high rate of new development, traffic congestion and lack of parking, lack of truly affordable housing, needed climate change action, protecting trees, child care services, improving bus service, and safe bike and mobility options for all. I am pleased to see a new Harry Jerome Community and Recreation Centre and Silver Harbour Senior’s Centre finally under construction, but disappointed that it was downsized significantly in scope for the future years over what had been approved by a previous Council. We don’t need to stop all change, but we need to ensure the rate of new development is appropriate, critically assess the benefits new proposals offer our community and ensure our infrastructure and community services are adequate. Please visit my website. I ask for your vote to continue serving you as City Councillor. I will remain an independent voice on Council using my government and business experience to serve our community.

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of BOLTENKO Anna

Phone: 778-683-4015

Email: annaboltenko4council@gmail.com

Website: boltenko4northvancouver.ca



Candidate Statement

Anna will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, passion, and openness to the City of North Vancouver Council. She holds a Master’s Degree in municipal management and environmental studies, a pre-PhD degree in strategic management, and is an advocate and policy developer for strengthening local food systems. She ran for the City Council in 2018 and spent these 4 years serving as a member of the City committee, volunteering, and being the CEO of the federal riding association. Our residents are rightfully concerned about unaffordable housing, congested traffic, and overwhelming development in their neighbourhoods. Anna’s experience working on City policies and community initiatives in areas such as social and community well-being, local food systems, young adult civic engagement, and climate action have prepared her to find creative and strategic ways to address the challenges and opportunities our city faces, and bring the community together, from all walks of life to participate in the process. At the core of her beliefs is the vision of the city as a complete and resilient community that is created together and thrives. Anna will stand up for the residents to improve their quality of life and to make sure their voice is heard.

Nomination Package - PDF

CATO, Jeremy

photo of CATO Jeremy

Phone: 604-306-5240

Email: cato4council@shaw.ca

Website: cato4council.ca



Candidate Statement

• We can do better in the City of North Vancouver. • We can do better at protecting the safety and well-being of everyone. • We can do better at ensuring that development in CNV is brought under control. • We can do better at pushing senior levels of government to fairly fund transit. • We can do better at creating visionary affordable housing solutions. • We can do better at guaranteeing government transparency. • Jeremy Cato knows we can do better, and is rolling up his sleeves to prove it. If you want a career politician, I’m not your candidate. If you want a hard-working councillor who believes in managed growth, smart planning, affordable housing, government transparency, responsiveness, and a livable city filled with opportunities and free of the worst of gridlock and safety worries, then I am your best choice. Who am I? I’m a writer and educator with a master’s degree in education who lives and works in Lower Lonsdale. I’ve raised a family here, and I enjoy all the best of the North Shore lifestyle. I am rolling up my sleeves and working hard to find and implement real answers to the challenges we face. We can do better. Let’s do it together.

Nomination Package - PDF

GIRARD, Angela

photo of GIRARD Angela

Phone: 604-908-2069

Email: info@angelagirard.ca

Website: angelagirard.ca



Candidate Statement

This past term has been filled with learning, hard work, challenges, and successes. I am grateful for the people I’ve served and the work we’ve done together. It begins with small conversations about big issues and taking the time to genuinely listen and care for those within our community. I successfully initiated: • Certifying the City as a living wage employer • Expanding child-care on City-owned lands & through new development • Increasing supports to tenants displaced through new development • Exploring rent-to-own housing options for middle income households • Reinstating funding for school playgrounds grades (3 City playgrounds completed) • Exploring after school care programming in collaboration with SD44 & local agencies • Establishing a task force to develop an annual multicultural festival to celebrate cultural diversity & reduce racism. If re-elected, my top priorities are to: • Build more diverse housing options – to ensure people who work here can find a home they can afford • Expand existing transit and other mobility options – to help reduce traffic • Create more childcare spaces – to meet the growing demand • Prioritize actions for climate resiliency – and reduce the City’s carbon pollution to net zero • Incorporate Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Truth & Reconciliation – into all aspects of City governance and community-building activities

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of LACESTE Ma-An

Phone: 604-999-3376

Email: me-an2022@telus.net



Candidate Statement

A diverse council can understand better our diverse community. As an Independent Candidate, a first-generation immigrant and 31 years NorthShore resident, I can bring different perspectives to the table. Other perspectives come from: being a single mother of 2, with elderly mother, with special needs in the family, a small business owner, an insurance advisor, living on a heavily trafficked 3rd St., having a voice that represents the minorities and the under-represented groups, and worries including, amongst many others, housing affordability. My young adult children, and others just like them, are faced with challenges as they enter adulthood. As a business and a people person I hear, listen, understand, can relate to so many and echo most of their sentiments. It will be an honor and my pleasure to help address the concerns of the residents in our community. To know and understand more, it is my intention to conduct regular meetings with different groups and to bring their voice to the Council table. I am not a politician. I am simply a public servant who wants to contribute to the betterment of our community. Don’t just listen to my words but look at my actions and understand my heart.

Nomination Package - PDF

LAI, Max

photo of LAI Max

Email: maxlai@shaw.ca

Website: maxlai.ca



Candidate Statement

I was raised on the North Shore, and thus I will always want to continue living in this beautiful community. From the plethora of shops and restaurants, abundant amount of green-space and parks to the diversity of different areas to visit makes this the perfect community to live in. Issues important to me include; • Tackling the Housing Crisis focusing on what are we densifying and who we are building for • Proactive Transportation Options that deal with our traffic gridlock • Recreational Services that serve both our current needs and plan for the needs of our community’s future • Helping our Businesses stay “Local”, through ideas such as a business retention and attraction program I believe it is time to vote for those who understand both our current communities’ needs but can also envision and see what our future communities’ needs will be. I want to be that voice for our community. A voice that doesn’t talk down to you but a voice that talks with you. A voice that listens, learns, and understands our current issues and uses all available information to make informed decisions that consider the present and the future.

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of McGRENERA Kathy

Phone: 604-980-7847

Email: mcgrenera4council@gmail.com

Website: kathymcgrenera.ca


Candidate Statement

I was fortunate to be born and raised in North Van, and I am so happy to live nearby the Squamish First Nation who were here originally, and also live with the many wonderful people who have come to live in North Van from near and far. I will bring a high level of energy, commitment and collaboration to council, working to address important issues including housing and affordability, and improving transportation issues with the North Shore Connects partners. Fun facts about me: *an avid cyclist *ran a home based licensed child care for 12 years *founding member 26 years ago of Quayside Village Cohousing building at Chesterfield at 5th, where I still live today with my adult daughter and where we divert over 90% of our waste through composting and recycling, grow food and maintain a vibrant multi-generational community *as a trained group facilitator, I recently worked for 6 years on the project management team to help create two additional cohousing communities of Little Mountain (Vancouver) and Driftwood Village (North Van) *being treasurer of my strata, and a finance board member of the Vancouver Tap Dance Society, I would maintain a keen eye on financial stewardship on council

Nomination Package - PDF

McILROY, Jessica

photo of MCILROY Jessica

Phone: 604-992-6462

Email: info@jessicamcilroy.com

Website: www.jessicamcilroy.com



Candidate Statement

It has been an honour to serve the City of North Vancouver over the past four years and work with Council, city staff, and members of the community to address the challenges and opportunities we face. I am running for re-election in order to continue the great work that has been started and ensure we prioritize climate change and community well-being in how we address our need for accessible housing, safe and effective mobility options, and equitable public services and spaces. Over the past four years I have been able to call for a new Climate and Environment Strategy and Chair the associated Task Force, push for the prioritization of mobility options, bring a focus on the social issues the City must address, and work with Council on supporting housing options and innovations. However, there is a lot more work to be done and we must continue to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and global issues. With your support on October 15th we can continue to work together to make North Vancouver a resilient city for all.

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of POLLY, Ron

Phone: 604-836-3172

Email: rpolly@shaw.ca



Candidate Statement

Ron Polly I am asking for your vote to serve as a Councillor in the City of North Vancouver. I live in the Hamilton Heights neighbourhood and have lived in the City of North Vancouver for over 40 years. It has been my privilege to have served on several City of North Vancouver committees over the years, particularly the CNV Parks & Environmental Committee. I am running for Council because while I appreciate and support many of the initiatives the City has undertaken, such as the revitalization of the Lower Lonsdale and Shipyards area, including the new Museum at Lonsdale and Esplanade. I have serious concerns about the number and density of new development that has been taken place in recent years. We must ensure community infrastructure and services, including recreational, parks and hospital facilities meet the needs of our growing community. I also believe the City and Council must do a better job of letting residents know what is happening and their concerns listened to. I seek your support to serve on Council.

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of SHAHRIARI Shervin

Email: voteshervin@gmail.com

Website: voteshervin.ca



Candidate Statement

I’ve lived in North Vancouver for 38 years and I love this City. As the author of “North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Neighbourhood,” my vision for our City is informed by its historical successes and struggles. As a business Lecturer at Langara College and a former Sr. Planning Manager of TransLink Business Technologies, I have the skills to provide planning oversight and financial stewardship. As a former Chair of North Vancouver City Library Board and Museum & Archives Commission, I have experience working with City staff and volunteers. I have presented Strategic plans and budgets to City Council and Committees. As your independent voice, I will consult with you frequently. I will work to reduce local traffic congestion, parking challenges, pollution, as well as cost of doing business, by prioritizing affordable housing for people who work or live here, and by advocating for more transit services. I will work to improve livability and will advocate for: increasing walk-in clinics, doctor’s offices, and senior facilities; ensuring that all users can share the road safely; planting trees; protecting old healthy trees; supporting community gardens; increasing accessibility for seniors, families, and persons with disabilities; and installing bus shelters to protect us against extreme weather.

Nomination Package - PDF


photo of VALENTE Tony

Phone: 604-355-2959

Email: tony@tonyvalente.ca

Website: www.tonyvalente.ca



Candidate Statement

Thank you for your support during my first term on city council. As a councillor, I’ve done my best to be accessible to all who have raised issues and concerns. I’ve connected with people and listened to and understood their perspectives. This has helped me to be a better representative for our community. I am a St. Thomas Aquinas alumni and have lived for fourteen years in lower Lonsdale. I have a master's degree in business administration. I have worked on large utility and transportation projects, and I currently work as a director of risk management with a BC Crown corporation. Next term, I will continue to advance the vision of a vibrant, diverse City of North Vancouver where transportation and housing options abound, and our public spaces are loved by all those who use them. All of this is supported by a strong local economy where small business thrives. Moving forward, the big challenge is how we respond to the impacts of climate change while making the city safer, healthier, and more equitable for all. We have a lot of work to do. I look forward to your continued support.

Nomination Package - PDF

School Trustee (three to be elected)


photo of ANDERSON Daniel

Email: danielandersontrustee@gmail.com

Website: www.danielanderson.ca

Candidate Statement

We all have a shared interest in the health of our public education system. The current economic environment has spread the school board's budget thin. Public education is vitally important because it is one of the few tools that we have to increase opportunity, foster community, and promote critical competencies that will serve our youth for the rest of their lives. I have taught in public, independent and distance schools, supported children and youth in various after-school programs, and conducted peer-reviewed research on the development of adolescents and school staff. My experience has provided me with a well-versed understanding of the education system. If elected, I intend to utilize my experience in board decisions and help ensure that North Vancouver schools invest wisely. The effects of Covid have contributed to an atypical experience for our kids—they are socially disconnected and stressed. In light of this, I intend to advocate for additional mental health resources and more community-building opportunities. Education is also about children's futures. This is why I support focusing on academic programs and extracurricular opportunities that give current students a head start on their post-graduation goals, while also maintaining and improving school grounds for the next generation. 

Nomination Documents (PDF)

KOLSTEE, Jullian

photo of KOLSTEE Jullian

Phone: 778-840-1991

Email: jkolstee@gmail.com

Website: www.jkolstee.com



Candidate Statement

He/Him/His I’m a first generation Canadian, with Chilean and Dutch immigrant parents. My father was a teacher and First Nations counsellor at Carson Graham until he suffered a heart attack that left him brain injured when I was a child. My mother persevered to provide for my brother and I, while comprehensive services and programming offered by North Vancouver School District were lifelines for us through those challenging times. Access to counselling services, extra-curricular programming delivered by volunteers, and supports for my learning disability and gifted enrichment were all integral to overcoming our circumstances. I earned my Bachelor of Communications Studies from Capilano University where I served on the board of the Capilano Students’ Union for three years. Currently I am Culture and Development Strategist for NephroCan, a global medical manufacturing company. I’m also an actor, improvisor, and instructor who has taught and performed at schools across BC and served as director and coach for Carson Graham Improv since 2009. The school district, organized labour, and our community have supported me, and I wish to serve as Trustee in return. I offer my experience as a board member, a former student with a disability, a long serving volunteer, and more.

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Phone: 778-861-2898

Email: Lailani4northvan@gmail.com



Candidate Statement

"STUDENT FIRST" is the my top priority. We need to take care of the next generation. Why did I run? Immigrated to Canada from the Philippines 1994, worked odd jobs, a mother, working as a Registered Nurse in North Vancouver. I have volunteered in schools, from crossing guard, hot lunch, driving students to sports, library duty and school fundraising events. I volunteered to Community events in North Vancouver as well. I have experience & knowledge what are the outstanding issues in schools. With my experience of being a Lobbyist for British Columbia Nurses Union (CM), steward experience and former Joint & Occupational Health & Safety representative. I can be the bridge to connect healthcare, education and safety in schools and workplace. Now, I am a Canadian Citizen, established my life here in Canada, it is time to give back to the community. To be the voice, of the majority, encourage resiliency and to move forward. We need to work collaboratively, be transparent and to recognize and validate that there are outstanding issues in the education system. We all need to work TOGETHER for the future of our children.

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Phone: 604-418-6901

Email: antjew@sfu.ca

Website: www.antjewilson.com



Candidate Statement

Antje is a lifelong advocate for quality education and a strong start in life for our kids. Schools are community-building institutions that work to enrich and support our students to see them successfully achieve their goals. Antje will listen to the community and support a school system that reflects local priorities, values and expectations. School district governance must be transparent, responsive, and collaborative. Strengthening collaborative and respectful relationships with teachers, staff and community members will improve decision-making and school district governance. Antje has the knowledge and passion for working collaboratively with all North Vancouver School District members to reach these goals.

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