Parking Guidelines

Watch for Signs

In commercial areas, there is a high demand for on-street parking. Loading zones and passenger loading zones are designated, "No Parking" areas. These zones are for stopping only when the driver stays with the vehicle. Cars left without a driver will be ticketed.

In zones signed, "No Stopping", vehicles are not permitted to cease motion. If specified days or hours are not printed on the sign, the restrictions are in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, there may be temporary "No Stopping" zones to accommodate filming, street cleaning, or street work. Watch for signs and check the posted restrictions.

It is not permitted to move a vehicle from one location to another in the same block to avoid the time limit regulations specified in that particular block.

Do Not Park in Lanes

Parking is not permitted in any lanes in the City of North Vancouver. The only exception is a commercial vehicle while actually engaged in loading or unloading. Commercial vehicles must park so that there is at least 3m (approx. 10') of clearance to allow for passage of other vehicles.

Crosswalks, Intersections, Corners and Driveways

Vehicles cannot park within 6m (approx. 20') of the near side of a crosswalk or intersection. When parking beside a lane entrance or driveway, there must be 3 meters (approx. 10') left clear. Even if a driveway is not blocked, all vehicles MUST be 3 meters away to allow other exiting vehicles a good view of the street.

Bus Stops and Zones are for Buses

Do not use a bus zone to run a "quick" errand. Even a quick stop impedes the zone, forcing transit drivers to unload passengers on the street. This is a real safety hazard. The City of North Vancouver has a zero tolerance policy for its bus zones: tickets will be issued for bus zone infractions without any advance warning.

Use Off-street Parking

"One Hour Zone" parking means just that, and exceeding the posted time by even by a few minutes risks receiving a ticket. Time limited parking encourages the turnover of all vehicles because there is a high demand for parking in certain areas. If you are going to be longer than the posted time limit, use pay parking instead.

Parking at Schools

The area in front of most schools is signed, "No Stopping During School Hours". This gives all motorists a clear view of children who step off the sidewalk or cross the street. Do not use these zones to pick-up or drop-off your child; you may be jeopardizing the safety of other children. The City of North Vancouver has a zero tolerance policy regarding stopping or parking in school zones. Tickets will be issued. Keep all children safe by parking in a legal space and walking your child to and from the door.

Fire Zones and Fire Hydrants

Fire Zones are "No Stopping" zones. Also, stopping within 5m (16'-5") of either side of a fire hydrant is prohibited and strictly enforced.

Err on the Side of Caution

If you are uncertain about the parking restrictions in a particular area, do not park in the space. Avoid making a poor parking decision that inconveniences others and take the time to read the signs to avoid a ticket.

Angle Parking

Do not back into on-street angled parking spots in the City of North Vancouver. Upon any street which has been marked for angle parking, vehicles shall be parked with the nearest front wheel not more than 30 centimetres from the curb, and parallel to and between the lines marked. Backing into on-street angled parking is a ticketable infraction in the City of North Vancouver.

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